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Equal rights advocates are celebrating the one year anniversary of the monumental Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. But they say there’s still more work to do. 

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich’s new appointment to the commission that regulates utilities in Ohio is getting mixed reviews.

Ohio House

Both major parties are working on the platforms that will be decided at their conventions next month. And the 15 member committee working to create the Democratic Party meets in St. Louis this weekend – and it includes four members of Congress, several activists and a state representative from Cincinnati.

Andy Chow

A group of state lawmakers are backing a national campaign to bring back something they believe is lacking in politics: civility. 

OGT/Ohio Channel

The state auditor is standing by his concerns about the oversight of charter schools by the Ohio Department of Education, an agency he said two weeks ago is among the worst in state government.

Andy Chow

It’s not just the presidential contest that’s close in Ohio - a new poll shows the race for the U.S. Senate is tied, with a little under five months to go before the election.

Jo Ingles

The likely Democratic presidential nominee, former Secretary of State, New York Senator and first lady was in Columbus today, talking about business and economics.

Karen Kasler

For the first time since the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the U.S. Senate took up votes on gun control measures. And Ohio's Senators ended up on opposite sides. 

Andy Chow

A group that works to increase the number of registered voters is getting called out for having a sloppy system. This includes addressing letters to people’s pets.

Courting The Women's Vote

Jun 20, 2016
Andy Chow

The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate has launched a campaign that he says will help families.