A bill that two conservative Republican lawmakers say asserts a parent’s right to decide if their transgender child should undergo treatment is getting strong pushback from an LGBTQ rights group.

Andy Chow

A new audit commissioned by Ohio’s Medicaid program shows that there’s a nearly 9 percent differential between what the state pays the two companies managing Medicaid pharmacy benefits and what those companies pay pharmacies for those drugs. The head of the office that manages Medicaid isn’t ready to say whether that’s appropriate or a rip-off.

Andy Chow

The new House speaker says now that the seven week long fight to elect him is over, it’s time to regain focus on several big issues. Among those - an effort to reform the state’s unemployment compensation fund. 

Karen Kasler

Some major proposed changes are coming to a bill that passed the House overwhelmingly earlier this month cracking down on the payday lending industry in Ohio. Borrowers here pay an average of 591 percent annual interest, the highest in the nation. While one Republican Senator is hoping for a compromise, supporters of the original plan are furious.

Andy Chow

A pro-gun group is taking two Ohio cities (Columbus, Cincinnati) to court over their new laws that tighten firearm regulation. The dispute revolves around a ban on bump stocks.

Ohio House

Two Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill that they say would protect the rights of parents who oppose efforts to help their transgender children transition.

Andy Chow

Ohio’s top Democratic elected official is fighting the state’s process when it comes to scratching voters off the rolls. The new bill is in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling approving Ohio’s voter roll cleanup process. 

Karen Kasler

The former Speaker of the US House was honored yesterday at his former workplace, the Ohio Statehouse. John Boehner spoke after a resolution honoring his six years as a state representative in the 80s before he was elected to Congress.

Derek Jensen (Tysto); Wikimedia Commons

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that the state can cut funding to certain communities using traffic cameras. But the ruling may not have much of an effect.

Jo Ingles

Ohio’s top law enforcement official is offering two things to school districts statewide to enhance their safety plans for their buildings. The goal is to make schools safer if a school shooting occurs.