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This presidential race has been described by many voters as the nastiest campaign in modern day history. Some experts say negative political rhetoric is having on children during this election season.

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Millennial voters are tied with Baby Boomers as the largest single group of potential voters. The Pew Research Center says there are 69 million people between 18 and 39 – that's 31% of the voting population in America. But they’re the least likely to vote. In the first installment in the Statehouse News Bureau’s series featuring voices of voters, younger voters speak out about their issues – and whether they’re motivated to turn out this time. 

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Ohio’s jobless rate ticked up slightly last month.

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Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump visited one of Ohio’s most conservative counties to motivate his staunch supporters to go out and vote. Trump doubled down on what he said in last night's final presidential debate - that he wouldn't accept the results of the election outright.

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A federal court has ruled thousands of Ohioans who had been removed from the voter rolls must be allowed to vote in this election.

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Two days after the Trump campaign sent its vice presidential candidate to Columbus, the Clinton team sent its counterpart to central Ohio to rally volunteers to go out and knock on doors for the Democratic presidential nominee. Kaine leaned on the importance of winning the Buckeye State.

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Donald Trump’s supporters in Ohio are being forced to take sides after the presidential nominee cut ties with the chair of the Ohio Republican Party. This fracture could have lasting impact after the votes are counted.

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Some observers feel Ohio’s US Senate contest is all but over, with incumbent Rob Portman leading Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland by around 15 points. But the candidates are continuing their tour of the state with three debates – the first was Friday in Youngstown, and last night they met in Columbus.

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been talking a lot lately about voter fraud and the possibility of a rigged election. This is what the Republican who is in charge of Ohio’s voting system thinks about his party’s standard bearer’s assertions.

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The rift between the Trump campaign on the chair of the Ohio Republican Party blew up into what appears to be a full-blown war.