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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2005

Jan 3, 2005
Critics of President Bush's victory hope to challenge the electoral vote in Congress
Lieutenant Governor makes the move to her new office - Treasurer
Jan 4, 2005
More than 200 Ohio teachers get their profession's highest honor
Ohio sets a date for its next execution
Senator pushes for aid for businesses which hire National Guard members
Test of controversial license plate scanners on Ohio Turnpike complete
Jan 5, 2005
New lieutenant governor sworn in over Democrats' objections
One voter's choice in could make the contest to Ohio's election "fatally flawed"
Jan 6, 2005
Ohio leaders take an historic battle over electoral votes to Congress
Senator joins historic challenge to Ohio's electoral votes
Tort reform bill signed into law, but there are those who doubt its effect
Jan 7, 2005
Experts have mixed economic outlook for the state in 2005
Marietta under a state of emergency
State changes rules on flu shots amid vaccine shortage
State considering charging fees for parks
Winter flooding forces Gov. Taft to declare states of emergency
Jan 9, 2005
Marietta under water, but not unexpectedly
Jan 10, 2005
Cuts could be on the way for Ohio's nursing homes
First of its kind "green" coal-burning power plant could be coming to Ohio
Jailed ex-congressman loses before the nation's highest court
Things already improving in flood-soaked Marietta
Jan 11, 2005
Challengers to Ohio's presidential vote drop their lawsuit
Clean-up begins from flooding in Pomeroy
More consumers filing complaints about autos, home improvement rip-offs
Ohioans who own cars with checkered pasts may soon get money
Prescription drug program for low-income seniors finally up and running
Jan 12, 2005
E-voting machines scrapped in Ohio
Federal money on the way to help victims of severe weather
Group says taxes and government rules make Ohio poor business climate
Voting rights activists officially pull lawsuit contesting Ohio's November 2 vote
Jan 13, 2005
Millions in homeland security money going out throughout Ohio
Rejection of e-voting means Ohioans will cast ballots the old-fashioned way
State's consumer watchdog wants investigation into winter storm and utilities
Voters may decide on amendment on state government growth
Jan 14, 2005
"Pencil and paper" voting plan angers elections officials
Attorney general says office supply store offering the minimum to customers
Lawmaker proposes plan to halt domestic-partner benefits at colleges and universities
Jan 17, 2005
State wildlife workers on campaign to bring back the bobwhite
Jan 18, 2005
Constitutional amendment proposal fires up supporters and opponents
Tourists could pay for plans to lure visitors to Ohio
Jan 19, 2005
AG wants challengers to Ohio's election to pay for lawsuit
Democrats say new Senate rules are shutting them out
NPR makes Ohio the "talk of the nation"
PUCO examines utilities' performance during storm, but passes on issuing a grade
Jan 20, 2005
Natural gas costs rise as temperatures fall
Numbers of workers hurt on the job dropping in Ohio
Sales of liquor blast up to an all-time high
Jan 24, 2005
Controversial plan to trap animal that was once endangered, now plentiful
Crews work to free barges that smashed into an Ohio River dam during flooding
Prisons department wants more money to deal with rising medical costs
State takes its tax credit to the U.S. Supreme Court
Jan 25, 2005
Anti-smoking activists urge anti-tax lawmakers to raise costs of cigarettes
Battle over "choose life" license plates not dead
Jan 26, 2005
Group led by seven-year-old demands insurers pay for diabetes treatment
Long awaited $1.5 billion capital improvements budget passes House
Overturning of double murder conviction sparks "Brian and Aaron's Law"
Scottish-born man on death row ordered to be tried again, or freed
Secretary of State says voting machine selection deadline is firm
Two plans on Ohio's penny tax - both from the Senate president
Jan 27, 2005
Ads for lawyers featuring testimonials may be coming to Ohio's airwaves
Drug importation plan gets bad review from former FDA official
President comes back to state that put him over the top to talk medical technology
Jan 28, 2005
Bill introduced to toughen penalties for drugged drivers
Columbus mayor won't talk about his plans for gubernatorial campaign
List of contributors to controversial 2000 campaign are released
Jan 31, 2005
First Democrat to officially announce for governor on Tuesday
Some medical care in state's Medicaid program could be on the chopping block
Unions mount campaign against campaign finance reform law

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