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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2007

Jan 2, 2007
Dozens of new - and returning - lawmakers take the oath of office at the Statehouse
New program seeks to blast the old belief that seniors and computers don't work well together
New year brings new governor, new general assembly and new challenges
Taft signs bills strengthening penalties for sexual predators
Jan 3, 2007
Democrat leaves for DC to take over seat long held by embattled Republican congressman
Departing Ag director says new high-tech agriculture lab will have impact on average Ohioans
Taft has two bills left that he could veto, and he's reportedly conflicted over one of them
Jan 4, 2007
Governor signs abortion policy bill that puts both sides of the issue against one another - again
Leader of agency at the center of the Coingate scandal quits - before Taft leaves office
More farmers who want to follow the wind power trend can do so under new law
New law prohibits massive teen carpools and late night teen joyriding
Ohio's new junior Senator and the first Democratic Ohio senator since 1998 is sworn in
Ohioans who need discounts on drugs may find them under law signed today
Thousands of state workers left wondering if they'll have jobs on Monday
Jan 5, 2007
New attempt to toughen drunk driving laws takes aim at refusal to take breath test
Republican candidate for governor leaves state office for now, but warns he'll be back
Specific tasks around the state mark transition from one governor
Taft veto a victory for cities, a defeat for critics who blasted red-light cameras
Taft vetoes red light camera law, just days before leaving office
Jan 8, 2007
Democrats say outgoing SOS put up transition roadblocks, but Blackwell says that's untrue
Just hours after being sworn in, new governor arrives for his first day of work
Low-key ceremony is the official swearing in, but a bigger one is planned for Saturday
New governor Ted Strickland sworn in, signs first official document
Strickland wastes no time in delivering first veto
Strickland's executive order goes over well with ethics chief, Republicans
Jan 9, 2007
Boating deaths sink, and officials say it's part of a long term trend
Republican lawmakers explore options in the wake of Strickland's veto of bill Taft didn't act upon
Jan 10, 2007
AG announces proposal for new guidelines for special counsel contracts
Plan in the works to tweak the role and responsibilities of Board of Regent Chancellor
Voters may see ballot issue on porn shops and topless bars
Jan 11, 2007
Lawmakers pondering eliminating group of appointees that oversee colleges and universities
Jan 12, 2007
First Lady will wear gown that is uniquely hers - and Ohio's
Ohio teachers getting good marks in national certification
Jan 13, 2007
Cold, rainy weather greets hundreds of party faithful as Strickland takes ceremonial oath
Jan 15, 2007
African Americans say race and money were why three black candidates on the ballot didn't win
C-SPAN starts "Road to the White House" from the Ohio Statehouse
Kids speak out and share legacy of Martin Luther King
Jan 16, 2007
Corn yield reaches all time high, but some worry the effect that will have on consumers
Health department sifting through thousands of compliments and complaints on new smoking ban
Some private clubs fuming over their inclusion in new smoking ban
Jan 17, 2007
New Secretary of State finds thousands in bills from her predecessor, who promised a clean slate
Researcher says some families literally have to choose between "heat or eat"
School groups come together for ballot issue - but without key supporters
State rep says smoking ban is "Stalin-esque", hints legislature might step in
Jan 18, 2007
Strickland says upcoming budget will be lean, but says no tax increases are planned
Utility watchdog wants Ohioans to have access to "green" energy, even if they have to pay more green
Jan 19, 2007
Ex-Congressman gets more than two years in prison in bribery scandal
Gas prices creeping down, but no one credits the oil companies
Strickland does as he hinted a few weeks ago and delays upcoming executions
Jan 22, 2007
A phone could ring up a bigger refund on this year's tax return
Lawmakers want students to be graded on how they manage their green
Though it's across the country, Ohio food banks may feel the effects of the cold in California
Jan 23, 2007
Jobless rate ticks up again, but experts say the economy will stay stable
Lawmaker proposes millions in aid for poor schools, brings back bill on all-day kindergarten
Ohio's senators - now from different parties - react to President's speech
Strickland prepares to ask for waiver to help more Ohioans get health insurance
Jan 24, 2007
As drive to bring in more ethanol rushes forward, one company halts ethanol plant project
Jan 25, 2007
Bus driver's criminal record forces district to close - AG is now involved
Ohio university cuts sports to save cash
Jan 26, 2007
A broken-hearted widow breaks her silence, hopes other elderly victims will follow
Farm workers, many of them immigrants, field concerns about state's new minimum wage law
Jan 29, 2007
Gov. Strickland's first veto - just hours after taking office - will take lawmakers to court
Ohio EPA considers regulating hair spray, glue, polishes and other consumer products
Secretary of State proposes poll workers be "drafted" into service
Jan 30, 2007
First presidential poll of the '08 campaign shows one clear frontrunner in Ohio
New piece from long-dead classical master is unveiled in Oxford
Treasurer says many state properties are unused, because Ohio doesn't know it owns them
Jan 31, 2007
Legislator tries to drive through "road rage" bill again
State says contraband getting into prisons via mail forces change in prisoner package policy

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