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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2008

Jan 2, 2008
New year, new cut in income taxes for Ohio workers
Senate leaders share some views, but verbally spar over vouchers
Jan 3, 2008
AG says there's no DNA evidence to tie accused killer to murder - but he's not free
Private clubs consider their options after smoking ban upheld a second time
Secretary of State orders dozens of counties to provide paper ballots for March primary
Students hit the road to experience political science class live in Iowa
Jan 4, 2008
A dubious historic event may happen in Ohio soon - its population may fall for the first time ever
Group that has backed energy bill says money donated to lawmakers keeps consumers out
National championship, pride and sweet treats on the line for governors of Ohio and Louisiana
Ohio troops leave for the Middle East, but say they'll stay on top of presidential campaign
Sick leave ballot issue is well on its way to the legislature or the ballot
Jan 7, 2008
British-born man who spent 21 years on Ohio's death row speaks out as he leaves prison
Ohio's emergency rooms are getting busier, but patients still having trouble paying
OSU tries for a national championship again, but last year's loss may be hurting hopes
Jan 8, 2008
Millions in federal funds come home to Ohio to help with homelessness
Ohio's top political leaders disagree over many things, including the need for new voting machines
Second chance for elderly or disabled homeowners who missed tax break deadline
Tide still hasn't turned in the case of Lake Erie landowners versus the state
Jan 9, 2008
Another convicted killer is freed from Ohio's death row - the second in a week
Electric re-regulation bill energizes activists, fuels debate before lawmakers
Lawmaker proposes new crime for certain sex offenders - being in a school
Jan 10, 2008
AG announces more than $320 million in collections last year - a new record
Court upholds residency requirement for cities, but the battle may not be over
Fallout from Iowa and New Hampshire has changed the game for some political players
House members shock consumer advocates with their plans for the energy bill
Perennial presidential candidate says he's not taking his Congressional contest for granted
Jan 11, 2008
"The Jake" goes to the history books, and a new name comes into Cleveland
Economists have mixed predictions for the state's economy for 2008
Lawmaker floats proposal to change how water companies absorb payments from renters
Ohio's primary may be late, but there still may be a role in the nomination for this state
Ohio, already a big agricultural state, may be prime location for new kind of farm
Jan 14, 2008
Lawmakers try to chase down drivers who text from the road
Secretary of State and election officials debate proposal to go to paper ballots
Social networking website gives in to Ohio AG and others and adds new safeguards
Jan 15, 2008
Phone owners are finding out that five years on the "do not call" list has passed quickly
Political pundits are wondering if as Michigan goes, so goes Ohio
Secretary of State blasts what she calls "secret meetings" with county elections officials
Jan 16, 2008
Kenyans in Northeast Ohio watching the violence rocking their home country
Lawmakers want crackdown on crooked contractors, but industry raises concerns
Northeast Ohio man stops shelling out green for gas and starts making his own green fuel
Supreme court rules that multiple crimes don't always require consecutive prison terms
Teetering budget causes governor to consider cutting numbers of state workers
Truckers, activists sound off requirement that commercial drivers' tests be given just in English
Jan 17, 2008
Ambulance company wants more money, but state says budget is flatlined
Ohio car maker hopes to shock auto market with a new kind of electric vehicle
Ohio's primary still a few weeks off, but at least one candidate is setting up shop
Treasurer proposes plan to give Ohio savers more for their money, but there are catches
Jan 18, 2008
AG takes a fourth charter school to court to shut it down
Another sign of a possible recession - Ohio's jobless rate is on the rise
Secretary of State makes a different choice, temporarily backs off big changes in voting
Jan 21, 2008
Kids honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with powerful speeches
Lawmakers take up issues of money and sex in committee meetings this week
Potential voters sound off on which presidential candidate is reaching them, and why
Jan 22, 2008
More black news from Ohio banks could mean more red for the financial markets
New study on same-sex couples in Ohio shows many are raising kids with fewer financial resources
State officials reading over new rules on listing hormones in milk
Statehouse operators want more money for upgrading security, but say governor isn't the reason
Stock market plummet could mean big losses for already-troubled state budget
Jan 23, 2008
Elections officials are unanimous in their opposition to changing voting machines
Electricity re-regulation bill buzzing back and forth at the Statehouse
Experts and lawmakers hope to deliver awareness about premature births
Justices will nail down what happens to body parts after an autopsy
Ohio's budget is sinking in red ink - and the damage could run into the billions
One lawmaker says his bill will protect renters' rights, but analyst says it may make things worse
Jan 24, 2008
Governor and Speaker could be at odds if budget crisis forces tough decisions
Judges are questioning whether new sex offender classification can be applied to old convictions
Longtime Ohio congressman ends his longshot bid for the presidency
Mayors from Ohio and other economically-challenged states react to stimulus package
Plugging billion-dollar budget hole may take big cuts in state services
Voting rights organization that's been both vocal and controversial hosts registration drive
Jan 25, 2008
Elections officials say Secretary of State is making the wrong choice on voting machines
Many homeowners may be losing out on money that could allow them to keep their homes
Jan 28, 2008
"Father of Industrial Design", Cleveland's Viktor Schreckengost, dies at 101
Groups that get state money for their missions and membership say they're worried about cuts
Ohio's primary still more than a month off, but campaigns are starting to set up shop
Plummet in housing hits hard at the makers and sellers of what's in those homes, too
Quick-cash loans, teacher walkouts and "career criminals" under discussion at the Statehouse
Jan 29, 2008
Former president is among the first to campaign for Democratic presidential candidate in Ohio
Republicans say they have a cure to state's health insurance problems
Veterans may get bonuses in spite of tough budget times for the state
Jan 30, 2008
Millions of dollars pour into Ohio to support plan for five new high-tech schools
Some cons using stock market ups and downs to scam scared investors
Victim pleads with lawmakers to toughen penalties on stalkers - before it's too late
Jan 31, 2008
Governor announces $730 million dollars in cuts, along with hundreds of layoffs
Piles of pink slips loom for hundreds of state workers in wake of budget cuts
Supreme Court says cities don't have to stop using cameras to tag red-light runners and speeders

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