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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2009

Jan 2, 2009
Akron METRO riders warming up to a new way to wait for their buses
State offering up green for environmentally-friendly home upgrades
Strickland teams up with other governors to pressure feds for more money
Jan 5, 2009
New lawmakers sworn in amid power change, economic crisis
New Representatives and Senators walk into a major budget mess on their first day at work
Traditional January boom business may suffer as resolution makers cut back in difficult economy
Jan 6, 2009
Budget slashing preserves some higher education money, but chancellor worried about future cuts
Cordray ready to take on challenges in AG's office - including settling Dann's old affairs
Democrat governor chooses to veto election-reform law passed by Republicans last year
Four students injured in crash in on trip through Pennsylvania
Just weeks before expected education reform, Ohio moves up in national study of public schools
Lawmakers come together in a joint session for short and unusual ceremony
Speaker vows to revive veterans' bonus bill, but to fund it as Strickland wants
Strickland performs first veto of the year, screening out moviemaking tax credit
Under new law, drivers risk fines for not strapping kids into booster seats
Jan 7, 2009
Deluge of unemployed workers calling for benefits crashes welfare department's phone system
Illness that sickened some Ohioans in November linked to sickness in other states
New law named for toddler requires more training for pharmacy techs
Jan 8, 2009
Budget crisis forces state to shut down two facilities housing juvenile offenders
Coach jets from New York to Cleveland, hoping to bring Browns back to playoffs
Experts have mixed views on future for economy, but none are very positive
Governor rejects his transportation panel's proposal on hiking gas tax
More than a year after controversial rock removed from river, it hasn't been rolled back
Jan 9, 2009
Advocates say unemployed are spending huge chunks of benefits on health care
Yet another push for expanded gambling may be coming to Ohio, but result might be different
Jan 12, 2009
After four decades in public office, George Voinovich says he won't run for re-election
As predicted, state's jobless benefits fund goes broke, but the story doesn't end there
Developers and lawmakers may both take a chance on putting casino gambling before voters
Group that warned on budget crisis two weeks ago has report saying it may be worse
Man is trying to bring back an old chestnut to the American diet - literally
Man who's not much older than many students takes over northeast Ohio school board
Through his years in office, Voinovich has proven to be stable but unpredictable
Voinovich announces his retirement, setting off scramble to run for his seat
Jan 13, 2009
"Legacies" of term limits have some politicians thinking it's time to tinker with the law
In spite of tough indoor smoking law, anti-smoking activists give Ohio a failing grade
Many unemployed Ohioans are turning up and being turned away at temp agencies
Ohio's economy is giving charitable foundations a rough time in carrying out their missions
State leaders call for Ohioans to make sure their TVs can pass digital test
Jan 14, 2009
As expected, former Cincinnati congressman announces he's running for Voinovich's Senate seat
Group tries to convince lawmakers to turn toward tax increases rather than program cuts
Science giant announces millions in investment to create hundreds of jobs
Strickland says feds can handle more debt easier than states can handle deficits
Task force that recommended gas tax hike has other proposals to keep transportation moving
Jan 15, 2009
Ex-congressman, now GOP candidate for Senate, continues his campaign kickoff through Ohio
Health care experts working to drive down preventable causes of patient problems
Liquor sales hit a record, but that doesn't mean more Ohioans are drinking
New law gives judges a weapon to fight stalkers
Ohio shares millions with other states in record settlement with maker of anti-psychotic drug
Jan 16, 2009
Bird strikes like the one blamed in Hudson River crash not that uncommon in Ohio
Bitter cold has bad timing for some who find they're out in the cold without electricity
Just days before critical speech, governor isn't tipping his hand on what he'll say
New GOP chair elected unanimously, in spite of flap over "social issues" comments weeks ago
Obama comes back to Ohio for one last trip before taking the oath to sell his recovery plan
Obama will bring in manager to monitor "performance" - some ask if Ohio should do the same
State's first African American Democratic officeholder takes over treasury at tough economic time
Strange phenomenon only seen in very cold weather lights up the skies
Jan 19, 2009
EPA sets up new "bank" to allow businesses to trade pollution credits
Holiday brings out kids to share their thoughts on leader who died long before they were born
Mayors in DC reflect on historic inauguration, but worry about the future of their cities
Ohioans among those descending on DC for historic inauguration
Ohioans look back on violent time in Birmingham that changed their lives - and the world
Rider leading one of three Ohio groups in inaugural parade "overwhelmed" at history, security
Woman who was among the first civil-rights era blacks elected to office looks back and ahead
Jan 20, 2009
Cops and firefighters turn out to support fight against their cities at Ohio Supreme Court
Supreme Court reverses brand-new ruling it made on party affiliations in judicial races
Tuskegee Airmen come together in DC and at the Statehouse to watch Obama take oath
Jan 21, 2009
Another story in the Dann saga ends, as ethics panel declines to probe case further
State regulators okay electric rate hike, but it's not as shocking as some worried
University overseers check out facilities, as chancellor admits repairs and renovations are needed
Women who sparked the Marc Dann scandal settle their lawsuit against the state
Jan 22, 2009
After more than a half a century, local programming on one public radio station will soon be silent
Experts differ on how to handle huge budget deficit, but agree on one important issue
For the first time, a woman will be behind the wheel at ODOT
Group says there may be a twist to Ohio's bailout request - the state may get more than it asked for
Ham radio operators say their hobby can save lives when 911 can't
Six states partner to test and monitor bacteria levels in Ohio River
Jan 23, 2009
AG goes after two companies that say they'll help foreclosure victims
New principal at state Department of Education says she's looking forward to Governor's speech
Northeast Ohio agencies coming together to make a healthier organization
Rail advocates say new ODOT director could engineer passenger train comeback
Unemployment rate jumps again, but surprisingly, it's still not cracking a critical milestone
Jan 26, 2009
Illness suffered by dozens of Ohioans now linked to national salmonella outbreak
Offiicials wrestling with whether casino gambling is better than tax hikes to plug budget hole
Ohioans among those struggling with how to get ready for DTV switch - if it happens on schedule
Jan 27, 2009
Advocates spent the eve of the governor's big speech trying to ensure he hears their voices
School funding expert says he wants to change the system by starting at the head of the class
Jan 28, 2009
Lawmakers listened to Strickland's speech, and many come away with concerns
Strickland proposes sweeping reforms in record-long State of the State address
Jan 29, 2009
Education experts giving mixed grades to Governor's proposal on school funding
Governor wants to scrap graduation test, has other plans for high school seniors
OSU president likes Strickland proposal, defends high-profile hiring decisions
Jan 30, 2009
Calamity days are piling up with the snow in some districts, but it's not a common circumstance
Scioto County now leads the list with the most number of households without electricity
Southeast Ohioans still shivering and powerless after this week's ice storm
State warns drivers - don't drop auto insurance to save money in tough times

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