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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2010

Jan 4, 2010
Angry riders pull out all the stops at Cleveland transit agency hearing
Cleveland Orchestra may be preparing for noteworthy performance - or strike
Contest for newly-created Cuyahoga County administrator job already looks intense
Fire officials concerned about deadly start to 2010
Some state pension funds hurting when it comes to paying health care costs
Jan 5, 2010
Conservative group prepares to post database showing spending by school districts
Inspector General says mayor misused state time and his position
Senate leaders look back on budget struggles of last year, look ahead to politics of 2010
State sets up website to get out word about Census - and about thousands of jobs that are available
Jan 6, 2010
Drug agent's trial could change the way feds deal with confidential informants
Lobbyists turned over to AG for not registering - and he says it won't be the last time
New head of Ohio State Highway Patrol sworn in, promising more cooperation
Orchestra may fall silent soon, as talks between union and management hit sour note
Troubled Cleveland schools plan massive plan to turn district around
Jan 7, 2010
Deaths on Ohio roadways hit a new low in 2009
Former school official learns he's in trouble in one county and is under examination in another
Toledo killer becomes second person ever to be executed via single-drug method
Troopers investigating crash that killed four on freeway during Thursday's snowstorm
Jan 8, 2010
Colorful and controversial ex-congressman and ex-convict plans another run for office
Corn growers say farmers are working to fight growing concerns about climate change
ODOT speeds into the social networking world, urging Ohioans to follow on Twitter
This week's snowstorm has ODOT urging motorists to review winter driving tips
Jan 11, 2010
Lawmakers mark one-year anniversary of human trafficking law by demanding more be done
State agency reminds Ohioans that the numbers show they can fight insurers and win
Troopers make a big hit, dragging in hundreds of pounds of pot
Jan 12, 2010
Bill to temporarily halt foreclosures moves to Senate committee, but may not get far
Group encouraging regionalism says it's unified behind a few bills at the Statehouse
Last year's income tax cut was rolled back - and some say it's rolled away for good
Ohio asks for more H1N1 vaccine as more are encouraged to get their shots
Republican candidate for governor starting election year by blasting Strickland on jobs and taxes
Speaker says goverment should help struggling small businesses - though the state is in trouble too
US Supreme Court makes call on whether neo-Nazi who killed three at Cleveland State should die
Jan 13, 2010
Ex-candidate for governor now campaigning to use turnpike and lottery to raise scholarship money
GOP candidate for governor planning to make history as well as headlines with major announcement
Humanitarian agencies from Ohio and around the world rushing to help in Haiti
Lawmakers show signs of putting "no texting while driving" bill on the fast track
Parole board recommends against mercy for convicted killer set to die next month
Jan 14, 2010
AG says those who'd donate to Haiti quake relief should check out charities first
Officials willl try to keep one corner of Ohio clear of tree-killing beetle, but aren't confident
Republican gubernatorial candidate confirms running mate - and shakes up GOP ballot
Jan 15, 2010
Cantankerous, colorful congressman is unpredictable and unreserved - and ready to run again
Ohio may soon take a chance on big money game being played in several other states
Jan 18, 2010
Company's expansion announcement gives Strickland opportunity to hit campaign trail
Governor says he'll make long-awaited and widely-rumored running mate introduction Tuesday
Once again, kids of all ages shine in annual Martin Luther King Jr. oratory contest
Jan 19, 2010
Air park once home to DHL - and thousands of jobs - gets new lease on life
Casino developers will go back to the ballot again to take a chance on changing their four-city plan
Governor's race is underway, with both candidates and their running mates officially officially in
Just one day after walkout, musicians in Cleveland strike a deal
Jan 20, 2010
Democrat quashes questions about whether she'll stay in a critical race by filing official paperwork
Homeowners living along Lake Erie say state is hassling them - and stress it could happen anywhere
President plans visit to northeast Ohio - and people who live there have plenty to tell him
Jan 21, 2010
Advocates fear budget crunch could put state foreclosure counselors out of business in Ohio
As northeast Ohio businesses try to recover in this economy, so do people who run them
Freshman representative shakes up auditor's race, now that incumbent is out of it
Governor moves up State of the State speech to avoid conflict with Obama's annual address
Medical experts stand ready to take off if needed in wake of quake
National attention turns from key Republican win in Massachusetts to President's visit to Ohio
Small businesses speak out on what they hope President Obama will see in northeast Ohio
Jan 22, 2010
Obama talks up job creation, takes on health care questions in northeast Ohio visit
Secretary of State says she's fixed problems in voter database that got her sued
Thousands may get hit with late fees they don't expect when renewing car tags
Unemployment rate goes up again, as job seekers grow more frustrated and worried
Jan 25, 2010
Governor's speech tops this week's agenda, but lawmakers have other items to address too
Republican challenger leading Democratic incumbent in first governor's race poll of 2010
Republican prosecutor quits AG race and shakes up contest for auditor
Strickland faces tough circumstances, tough crowd for State of the State speech
Supreme Court decision on campaign spending by corporations and unions wlil have an impact in Ohio
Jan 26, 2010
Governor proposes big programs with little money in annual speech
Political expert says governor was right on in focusing on jobs in his speech
Reaction to State of the State speech is mixed but predictably along party lines
Jan 27, 2010
Casino relocation issue goes to May ballot, but not without an attempt to change it too
Debate rages on whether programs in State of the State speech are needed or just repackaged
GOP challenger blasts Democratic governor's annual speech in online video
Governor blasts Senate Republicans for chopping nearly half of Third Frontier funding
Ohio Supreme Court rules law on obscenity, minors and message boards is constitutional
Supreme Court's ruling on campaign spending could have big impact in even small races
Jan 28, 2010
3-C rail plans back on track thanks to federal dollars, but critics say it may derail state's budget
Governor does as promised, asks feds for more stimulus dollars to help with Ohio's budget hole
Group that wants Ohioans to vote on slots fall short in petition drive, but will get another chance
Lawmakers from both parties team up on bill to close legal holes in domestic violence laws
Jan 29, 2010
Govenor spins his "hubs" regional economies proposal in Dayton
Officeholders admit partisanship plays a role in how politicians do their jobs
Ohioans are missing millions in federal tax credit, so state reaches out with free help
Third Frontier chopped in half, so Governor and Senate will have to bargain to make ballot

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