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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2011

Jan 3, 2011
Labor advocates wary of new political wind now blowing at the Statehouse
New lawmakers celebrate their swearing in, but know they have tough work ahead
Newly-installed Speaker says he's ready to get to work - and get to more work
Jan 4, 2011
Cleveland tries to lower its bills by consolidating some city departments
Former AG joins battle against lenders who use "robosignings" to finish documents
Former congressman prepares to come home and for whatever he’ll do next
New Speaker has plan to keep recent college grads who earn degrees in Ohio here
Outgoing governor issues another round of decisions on clemency for convicted criminals
Private prisons executive named to head up Ohio's department of prisons
Jan 5, 2011
Group studying bedbug problem says it hasn't dreamed up any answers on how to fight it
Historical Center attempts massive move - taking down and turning a mastodon
Incoming governor reverses position on media access to official swearing-in ceremony
Kasich's plan to live in his private home have some concerned about security costs
Jan 6, 2011
Deal to stop sewage from dumping into river may be dammed up in court
Governor-elect Kasich says he has plans for Strickland's order on exotic animals
New budget numbers show signs of recovery, but they might not help much
New Cuyahoga County executive chooses his first appointment to his cabinet
Outgoing governor signs order on animals that could prevent future ballot fight
Three more people added to incoming governor's growing cabinet - just days before inauguration
Tough budget coming, but incoming governor will pay top staffers more than his predecessor did
Watchdog blames state agency and two Ohio companies for driving up costs
Wide variety of musical entertainment expected to be offered at inaugural events
Jan 8, 2011
Kasich appoints another cabinet member, demands agency heads work to streamline rules
New agency appointee says he's ready to lead department that could be partly privatized
Jan 10, 2011
Emotional, passionate speech at elaborate event highlights new governor's inauguration
Governor puts his second-in-command in charge of his business reform package
John Kasich officially sworn in as Ohio's 69th governor in open ceremony at the Statehouse
Many Republican state officials taking their oaths of office - all leading up to big event on Monday
Jan 11, 2011
Central Ohio town that's home to new governor is proud and cautious in his first days in office
Kasich talks teamwork, partisan politics and the budget at legislative luncheon
Republicans say they'll deliver on past promise to kill the state's "death tax"
Speaker expects to make quick work of Kasich's plan to privatize state agency
Jan 12, 2011
Ohio college bus returning from sporting event crashes into ODOT snowplow
Once again, legislature soon to be the setting for another battle involving abortion
Study says private jobs boards like Gov. Kasich wants often come with or create problems
Jan 13, 2011
Founder of Ohio's landbank law predicts more trouble with foreclsoures in Ohio
Governor appoints more cabinet members, creates new office to trim state's health costs
Kasich meets with Big 3 automakers, says he's still not happy with Ohio's business climate
Ohio leads the nation in spike in handgun sales immediately after Arizona shootings
Jan 14, 2011
Frightening floods far away could bring unexpected help to one Ohio industry
Inmates who were involved in 1993 Lucasville riot protesting their treatment
New congressman says he’ll still be available to constituents in wake of Arizona shootings
Progressive, union groups host first of likely many rallies to protest cuts in state budget
Jan 17, 2011
Advocates looking for stories of hope and challenge in caregiving to older folks
Pair behind failed casino drive in 2008 plan to build Ohio’s 8th horseracing track
Jan 18, 2011
Business group that backed Kasich for governor unveils its own plans for creating jobs in Ohio
Death row inmates abandon hunger strike after breakthrough in talks over treatment
Lobbyists have special interest on lawmakers who work on state budget, study shows
Medical group says it supports efforts to kill health care law passed last year
Mother convicted of tampering with records so her kids could be in a different school district
Study confirms simple, low-tech and long-known solution to fewer infections
Youngstown racetrack developers unveil their project, but still keep some details under wraps
Jan 19, 2011
Lawmakers propose bill to combat problems with wrong ballots cast through poll worker error
Poll shows Ohioans don't want more taxes, but they don't think budget can be balanced without them
Jan 20, 2011
Governor continues to blast special interest groups in budget battle, but now they're fighting back
Governor releases most of resumes he received from job searchers, but not all of them
Kasich outlines plans for new, privatized Department of Development
Ohio's senior senator says speculators are shoving up gas prices
Poll shows good news for re-election campaigns for Obama and Brown - but not by much
Jan 21, 2011
Gov. Kasich gets his first recommendation on a condemned killer from the parole board
Governor signs new order to replace expired one on discrimination against LGTB Ohioans
Jobless numbers for December are a gift to the state, and appear to be a continuing trend
Militia movements not all anti-government, as one Ohio group proves
Jan 24, 2011
Anti-hunger activists meet in the winter to talk about summer food programs
Both sides in gay rights debate blast Gov. Kasich's new anti-bias order
Supreme Court upholds lawsuit by female inmate who says she was molested in Marysville prison
Jan 25, 2011
Governor hits the road, cruising to Mahoning Valley to check out new cars
Latest map of unemployment in Ohio shows wide range of rates throughout the state
Ohio will change execution drug, now that manufacturer says it won't make it anymore
Jan 26, 2011
Battle between priest and diocese escalates in northeast Ohio
Ohio Congressman known for peaceful actions declares war on House cafeteria for bad wrap
State's pension funds warn of longer working time, smaller checks for retirees
Jan 27, 2011
African-American lawmakers say lack of diversity in Kasich cabinet could lead them to court
Creator of death penalty law and director who witnessed executions say it should die
Plan to privatize the state Department of Development passed first hurdle
Jan 28, 2011
Former House Speaker considering presidential run says Kasich won't be his VP
Historical Statehouse goes high-tech to help thousands who visit each year
One state has had so many problems with privatized development agency, it's changing it
Jan 31, 2011
Governor reacts to threat of lawsuit from African American legislators over cabinet diversity
Hot election-type issues - jobs, taxes, abortion - on tap for legislators this week
Two Ohioans get highest honor from French government for service in WWII
Window for parents who want to apply for state-paid vouchers for private schools opens tomorrow

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