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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2012

Jan 2, 2012
Documentary make by two Ohioans added to prestigious list of top films
Far-flung school districts looking to share busing services to save costs
Kasich touts big jobless numbers drop, but economist isn’t celebrating
Jan 3, 2012
In wake of deadly holiday fire, Ohio lawmaker wants a bill to crack down on slumlords
State investigates whether earthquakes in northern Ohio are related to fracking
This past weekend was a deadly one on Ohio roads, but 2011 wasn’t too bad overall
Jan 4, 2012
Advocates for "personhood" amendment have critical meeting before ballot panel next week
After striking a deal on Congressional map, Democrats hope to halt GOP-drawn map of state districts
Ohio's senior US Senator says he had his own schedule - that's why he wasn't with Pres. Obama
Partisans split over news of Obama's appointment of former AG Cordray to consumer agency
President Obama comes to Ohio a 17th time, introduces former AG as controversial appointee
Jan 5, 2012
Civil rights group and state's top right-to-life organization face off on new abortion-related bill
Democrats again pushing GOP on whether Ohio is working to comply with federal health insurance law
Some experts say sharing services won't keep schools from going to voters for money requests
Jan 6, 2012
Attorney General still trying to crack down on internet sweepstakes cafes
Concerned about possible budget crisis, experts watching money coming into the state
Democrats promote bill on public financing of Ohio Supreme Court campaigns
Jan 9, 2012
"Personhood Ohio" amendment will be a single issue if it makes the 2012 ballot
Church closings bring in nearly $20 million for Cleveland Catholic diocese
InvestOhio program matching small businesses to investors seeking tax credits
Lawmakers to take up taxes, vicious dogs and historical documents in committees this week
State celebrates 30th birthday of unclaimed funds division by handing out money
Supreme Court candidate - and only statewide Democrat in office - hopes early launch will help
Jan 10, 2012
Backers of Heartbeat Bill try emotional new push, after asking for a list of changes late last month
Protestors demonstrate against fracking impact, but Republicans say too much is at stake to stop it
State will pay more to Medicaid providers who keep patients healthy - and advocates approve
Supporters of bill to ban dog auctions have to bring back more signatures to make ballot
Jan 11, 2012
As results come in from nation's first primary. candidates certified for Ohio's vote in March
In angry opinion, "frustrated" federal judge delays Ohio's first execution of 2012
While one expert predicts a spike in gas prices, another puts the brakes on that forecast
Jan 12, 2012
Attorney General plans to appeal judge's harshly-worded decision halting executions
State's oil and gas division head admits state is concerned about quakes and injection well
Vice President comes to Columbus, talking how to lower soaring college costs
Jan 13, 2012
Governor heads back to Detroit Auto Show to tout Ohio's role in rising auto industry
State comes to terms with another one of its unions in deal with no COLA raises
State says it’s waiting for report on possible connection between quakes and wells
Jan 16, 2012
Governor stands behind execution process while appealing judge’s delay
Neighbors who try to keep up abandoned homes would be protected under new bill
Stats show one set of bills that drivers love to complain about are dropping
Jan 17, 2012
As predicted for a year, ODOT says too many projects and too little money is driving it into trouble
Auditor, safety net advocates team up to talk about fighting food stamp fraud
House GOP lawmakers release their list of 2012 legislative priorities
Republican lawmakers hope federal government will grow the size of agriculture loans
State officials take questions, criticism from residents near well blamed for quakes
Jan 18, 2012
Democratic lawmakers try again to pass bill providing certain services for sex assault victims
Governor plans "historic" State of the State speech - which he will take on the road
New poll shows new leader in Republican presidential contest in Ohio
Ohio in the middle among states holding companies to jobs promises for tax breaks
Senators okay new crackdown on bullying in schools after making some changes
Treasurer touts cost-cutting measures and other first-year accomplishments
Jan 19, 2012
Activists say Ohio isn't doing enough to stub out tobacco-related diseases and death
After announcing financial crisis, ODOT looks ahead to how to fix it
Attorney General says Ohioans lost $2 million to sweepstakes cons last year
New poll shows Ohioans are torn over so-called "Heartbeat Bill" abortion bill
Ohioans have mixed feelings on oil and gas drilling and on the process of "fracking"
Jan 20, 2012
Governor says cost of moving State of the State is worth it, but Democratic critic isn't sure
Jobless rate drops again, but state officials say those numbers may be deceiving
New honor for John Glenn, as 50th anniversary of historic flight approaches
Ohio Supreme Court justice talks about why he’s now against death penalty law he wrote
Jan 23, 2012
Former governor wants GOP presidential contender to release tax info before Ohio vote
Good news in sad statistics on fire safety in Ohio in 2011
Officials outline complicated steps in moving liquor profits to state's private job-creating entity
Ohio activists mark anniversary of landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion
School choice advocates pleased with their work last year, focused on four areas in 2012
Jan 24, 2012
Democrats push bill to ban "bias against jobless", but business groups are concerned
Leader of minority Democrats in the Senate is stepping down
Resolutions to hold State of the State speech in Steubenville create surprising debate
Jan 25, 2012
Casinos betting on help from students at state-funded colleges to get going
Debate over dropping law requiring permit holders to disclose concealed weapons
Ohio Supreme Court rules on what constitutes "support" in child adoption dispute
Panel that decides ballot language makes decision on potential medical marijuana issue
State lawmaker wants federal monitors to oversee November election
Jan 26, 2012
Democrat questions whether delay in road projects is an excuse to lease the Ohio Turnpike
Fracking in Ohio will have tough regulations, says Kasich
Governor defends his decision to move annual State of the State speech out of the Statehouse
Kasich questions so-called "right to work" amendment being sought by Tea Party activists
Leader of Ohio’s Republicans says March primary will matter
Secretary of State suggests Republicans can do something about ballot issue on election reform
Jan 27, 2012
A dozen workers caught in casino collapse; second such problem for operator
After Secretary of State's call for repeal of election reform law, Democrats propose new one
Group that wants to ban dog auctions is one step closer to its goal
Jan 30, 2012
Democratic lawmaker wants to change the way watchdog over executive branch is selected
Elections group says Ohio shouldn’t repeal and replace election reform this year
Lawmakers to take up foreclosures and immigration, slots and speeding in hearings this week
Jan 31, 2012
Backers of so-called "Heartbeat Bill" try another tactic to get it passed
Bill erasing discrimination of pit bulls as "vicious animals" passes the Ohio Senate
Democrats say jobs, returning money to schools and cities on their list of priorities
Transportation panel approves draft of list to delay dozens of road work projects

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