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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - October, 2012

Oct 1, 2012
Advocates for health insurance law look forward to implementation, but state is still stalling on it
Agency completes study to see if Ohio casinos will make existing gambling problems worse
Early voting gets underway tomorrow, and top elections official says state is ready
Oct 2, 2012
Early voting begins, and both major party have different tactics to get their voters out
Elusive but important "undecided" voters in Ohio could make or break the race here
Governor's highly-touted head of his new agency JobsOhio is stepping down
Number of requests for unclaimed money soars, but amount that's going out may be a surprise
Oct 3, 2012
Charge and countercharge liven up forum for Ohio Supreme Court candidates
Governor talks about departure of his jobs czar and transition at JobsOhio
Obesity summit to highlight new strategies to prevent and manage it
State releases results of Ohio-wide "drug take-back day"
Union representing corrections officers says prisons are more dangerous after sentencing reforms
Oct 4, 2012
Auditor says early results of probe of school "scrubbing" data shows problems
Elections commission approves settlement to solve battle over Issue 2 complaint
Oct 5, 2012
After court ruling, lawmaker pushes bill to give accused juvenile offenders new rights
After releasing early school data results, auditor has recommendation to avoid future problems
Democrats get another win in their battle over weekend early voting
Groups on the left and right continue to blast each other over new state policies
President Obama campaigns through rain on another Ohio college campus
Oct 8, 2012
Ohio wildlife officials getting very involved in pheasant hunting - by providing the birds
Ohio's largest casino becomes the third one to open for business
Panel aims for insight into candidates in one of the most expensive House races in the U.S.
Oct 9, 2012
Four clinics warned about bad shots that could lead to possibly deadly disease
Major party campaigns respond to narrowing presidential polls in Ohio
President Obama speaks to the largest Ohio crowd yet on another college campus
Romney continues his tour of Ohio, stumping in northeastern Ohio suburb
Secretary of State decides on next step in lawsuit over voting on final weekend before election
Oct 10, 2012
GOP presidential candidate teams up with popular governor to tour central Ohio
Married owners of company indicted for polluting water, killing tens of thousands of fish
State representative indicted on 49 counts, a few weeks after another lawmaker goes to prison
Oct 11, 2012
Debate in northeast Ohio district seemed similar to Clint Eastwood speech, but also different
Ground game in Ohio heating up in the last weeks before Election Day
More meningitis cases in Ohio linked to tainted steroid shots
New poll of Ohio voters shows leads for Obama and Brown, but only slight ones
Oct 12, 2012
Campaign signs are everywhere on interstates and freeways - but there's a problem with that
Candidates for U.S. Senate prepare for first of three debates on Monday
Husted says he's already dealt with impact of provisional ballot ruling this week
Poll showing slim majority of Ohioans favor gay marriage inspires advocates - cautiously
Oct 15, 2012
Candidates go on the attack, and audience responds, in first US Senate debate
First Lady continues her husband's tour of college campuses in Ohio, speaking at two of them
Kids - some too young to vote - gather to talk about why it's important to cast ballots
Republican VP candidate back in Ohio on eve of second debate, this time stumping in Cincinnati
Oct 16, 2012
Finally, a decision on whether Ohio will have early voting the weekend before Election Day
Troopers make traffic stop and find a haul that just doesn't suck
Oct 17, 2012
More than 1.4 million Ohioans are taking advantage of early voting opportunities
President makes another visit to a college campus, this time in southeastern Ohio
Supporters and opponents of Issue 2 square off in debate in Columbus
Three Franklin County residents charged in illegal voting case
VP in Browns territory, talking to players alongside new owner and ex-Secretary of State
Oct 18, 2012
Agents bring in thousands of pot plants, but it's a smaller haul than last year
Clemency panel releases recommendation on next inmate set to die
Deal reached with media company and activists concerned about controversial billboards
Former president and rock star bring campaign trail through northeast Ohio
Health officials being extra cautious as they monitor meningitis outbreak
Second US Senate debate offers lots of sparks, but little new information
Oct 19, 2012
Ohio's jobless rate drops again, and strategists on both sides spin it their way
Outdoor advertising giant agrees to take down controversial billboards in minority neighborhoods
Sheriff who handled exotic animal tragedy speaks out about it one year later
Voters in battleground Ohio may be getting battle-weary as incivility reigns
Oct 22, 2012
After weeks of mailers and ads against Issue 2, its backers finally put out an ad
Controversial billboards taken down in Cleveland, but new advertising is now going up
Experts say online registration change process isn't convenient for some voters - and may be illegal
Memorial to students killed on Kent campus 42 years ago opens to new generation of students
Quinnipiac Poll still shows Obama with a lead in Ohio, but it’s shrinking
Republican US Senate candidate who opposes "Obamacare" unveils his health care plan
Vice President Biden in northern Ohio, embraced by enthusiastic crowd
Oct 23, 2012
"War on coal" - and whether there is one - very much on the minds of voters in one Ohio district
Democrats hope to slow down possible lease of turnpike by requiring public hearings
Even more Ohioans casting early ballots
New website launched by Issue 2 backers hopes to show insight into current redistricting process
Ohio comes up often in third presidential debate that was focused on foreign policy
President and Vice President make dual rare campaign appearance, this time in Dayton
With two weeks left, both parties gear up their ground games in critical northeast Ohio
Oct 24, 2012
Auditor releases results of second audit of schools to find if more are "scrubbing" student data
Columbus-based bank credits change in credit card law for its expansion - and more jobs
Environmental group says food recalls cost millions, put the health of Ohioans at risk
Fall harvest lets farmers look back on tough growing season
Governor says turnpike plan will be out in a few weeks, will be "cool" and "surprising"
Presidential campaigns focus on Ohio women with different methods and messages
Several Ohio teachers go from being campaigners last year to candidates in 2012
Why the Electoral College matters in this presidential election
Oct 25, 2012
Candidates for U.S. Senate meet for final, contentious debate
Civil liberties group wants state education board to ban "seclusion rooms"
Controversial ad shakes up Ohio Supreme Court justice race
Diebold puts $100 million headquarters on ice, and plans 500 layoffs
Lawmakers sponsor bills to mandate insurance coverage for autism, but business leaders object
Obama draws 12,000 to rally at airport on Cleveland lakefront
Ohioans may have something to learn about the electoral college, but it matters a lot this time
Romney back in Ohio to campaign, bringing message of "big change" to Cincinnati
Romney continues tour of Ohio in central part of state, once again talking about jobs
Secretary of State's office is pondering possible problems with provisional ballots
Oct 26, 2012
Both sides on redistricting debate face off in Cleveland - where maps are especially controversial
Candidates keep coming to battleground Ohio, and communities are struggling to keep up with costs
Lake Erie showing effects of powerful Hurricane Sandy
Local government to see fourth year of savings on workers' comp premiums
Longtime Congresswoman and 2008 political notable hold debate in northeast Ohio race
Redistricting amendment comes under debate before City Club of Cleveland
Republican presidential ticket rallies "Friday Night Football" style in northeast Ohio
Republicans say Democrats are providing pizza to OSU students for votes
State bar association demands candidate for justice remove controversial ad
Oct 29, 2012
Both sides in abortion debate weigh in on state's stats on procedure in Ohio
Pity the local candidates - in Ohio this year, all politics is national
Romney makes what turns out to be final official campaign appearance pre-Sandy in northeast Ohio
State EMA is getting ready for Sandy’s remnants to slam in Ohio
Oct 30, 2012
Fallout from flap over ad regarding Jeep jobs is sweeping across Ohio
Indiana official sells benefits of turnpike lease in that state, but some in Ohio aren't convinced
Ohio is dealing with Sandy aftermath but trying to help harder-hit states
Ohio schools aim to pass new, different kinds of levies
Romney headlines stop near Dayton "rebranded" as storm relief event
With just days to go, undecided voters in Ohio are starting to make decisions
Oct 31, 2012
Akron, Cleveland schools strategize to get key levies passed
Bariatric surgery for diabetes named #1 at Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit
Candidates for state board of educations struggle at the end of a long ballot
Franklin County officials find no wrongdoing in GOP’s “pizza for votes” complaint
Gas generators used by people without power sparking problems
GM joins Chrysler in blasting Republican candidate's ads on auto jobs in Ohio
London-based group brings tourists to Ohio to examine 2012 presidential contest
Two new polls show race in Ohio is tight but President Obama has a slight edge

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