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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - November, 2012

Nov 1, 2012
Former president Bill Clinton stumps for Obama in Ohio while he and Romney suspend campaigns
High school goes to court - and shakes up the playoffs
Honda hits milestone in America - and in Ohio
Numbers of fungal menigitis on the rise in Ohio
Observers will be allowed in polling places but they aren’t allowed to do much
Republican candidate's wife spends day in Ohio, ending in northeastern part of state
Ticket splitting playing a role in the US Senate race in Ohio
Nov 2, 2012
Obama and Romney come through central Ohio to start weekend of big rallies
Third-party candidates for president also swinging through Ohio before last weekend
Nov 4, 2012
Churches urge on members in "souls to the polls" push on final Sunday before election
Early voting brought in big crowds, lots of activity at voting sites around the state
Mitt Romney campaigns in northeast Ohio on final weekend before vote
Presidential candidates see Ohio as best hope and clearest path to victory
Thousands stand in long lines around the state on final weekend of early voting
Nov 5, 2012
Both major party candidates swing through Ohio on final day before Election Day
Early voting options used by at least one sixth of Ohio’s registered voters, maybe more
Fight over provisional ballots continues in Ohio, with hours to go till polls open
Final day of early voting brings several more thousand voters out to cast ballots
New poll shows gay marriage views shifting - but not enough to legalize it
Nov 6, 2012
A few voting problems reported in battleground state of Ohio, but nothing major
Both statewide issues fail big, which is fine by Republican leaders
Civil rights leader says voters are energized by controversial voting changes
Election Day voters speak out on why they came to cast ballots
Eyes of the world are on Ohio, thanks to dozens of international reporters
Ohio puts Obama over the top, and once again its voters elect a president
Ohio sends incumbent Senator back to Capitol Hill after historically bitter and expensive campaign
Ohio's Congressional caucus still conservative, but there were wins for Democrats too
On Election Day, Ohio voters say they feel inundated, flattered, overwhelmed and responsible
Two incumbent justices lose their seats on Ohio Supreme Court bench
Nov 7, 2012
Democratic chief says “good ballot names” are involved in two Supreme Court races
Fresh off big wins, Democrats say the campaign for governor started Tuesday night
New members, but few changes coming to the state Board of Education
Ohio Democratic Party chair says Issue 2 may have failed, but it’s not going away
Republicans keep control of Ohio House, raising questions about another tax cut
The day after the election, Senate candidates reflect back and look forward
Their levies passed, but two big northern Ohio school districts still face challenges
While school levies had mixed results, that wasn't the case for library tax issues
Nov 8, 2012
After Supreme Court results, some suggest idea to appoint - not elect - judges may come back
Elections chief floats proposal to avoid partisan bickering on election rules
Ohio's elections chief scolds both parties for their claims about voting laws before the election
Speculations that lawmakers may tackle election reform during lame duck session
Nov 9, 2012
Ohio has its first “triple flipper” state legislator, despite term limits
Old friends now work on repairing relationships strained during tough election
Plan to revist controversial "Heartbeat Bill" likely to be on agenda for state lawmakers
Three Ohio House races are still in question as election week ends
Nov 12, 2012
After months away, lawmakers start a few busy weeks with hearings
Athens among many communities celebrating Veterans Day with a parade
Mild weather means change in benefits for some people who receive food stamps
New coalition - with lots of familar names - forms with the goal of helping schools
Nov 13, 2012
"Puppy mill" crackdown bill comes out of committee, set for vote on House floor tomorrow
Fact checking claims about "fracking": how has it changed over time?
Ohio executes condemned killer, who makes unusual statement with his final words
Some criminal charges lIkely in auditor’s Investigation into data scrubbing
Nov 14, 2012
Attorney General calls for another crackdown on synthetic drugs such as "bath salts"
Lawmakers hear testimony on bill to strip family planning funds from Planned Parenthood
Lawmakers pass long-awaited crackdown on so-called "puppy mills" in Ohio
State's elections chief plans appeal of ruling on counting provisional ballots
Nov 19, 2012
Schools and shared services: what’s being done, and where some want the concept to go
Nov 20, 2012
Schools and shared services: significant savings, but districts fear what's ahead
Nov 21, 2012
An economic look at Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in Ohio
Nov 26, 2012
Governor sounds off on "fiscal cliff" talks, offering warning to lawmakers in Congress
Kasich convenes board to streamline workforce development system in Ohio
Kasich is watching bills in legislature, but won’t reveal much about his budget
Lawmakers under pressure to consider changing law on energy efficiency standards for utilities
Rescue groups say their operations will suffer if puppy mill bill is passed into law
Road deaths down this holiday weekend in Ohio, but troopers still worried
Warning on this "Cyber Monday"- Ohio law says buyers owe tax on those purchases
Nov 27, 2012
Crackdown on so-called "puppy mills" passes in the Senate
New data shows Ohio has room to improve when it comes to graduation rates
Ohio Supreme Court upholds maps for state House and Senate districts
Senate president talks about future of energy efficiency standards in state law
State watchdog says federal spending is not being documented in one agency
Two controversial bills will not come to the Senate floor this lame duck session
Nov 28, 2012
"Heartbeat Bill" backers say they're not giving up hopes of getting it passed this year
Democrats say too many provisional ballots are being cast in Ohio and are being thrown out
Two months after Columbus casino opens, nearly a dozen indicted for cheating it
Nov 29, 2012
Changes in energy efficiency law are dead for now but could resurface
Latest salvo in "Heartbeat Bill" fight could block it for good in lame duck session
Ohio House passes "A through F" report card bill for schools, over Democratic concerns
Some new twists and turns have showed up on the roads for troopers looking for drugs
Nov 30, 2012
Higher education presidents meet with Gov. Kasich, agree on package of reforms
New Ohio job creation ad leaves some asking questions about its strategy
Ohio activists trying tactics in influencing debate over "fiscal cliff" and how to resolve it
Ohio Republican Party chair plans to run for re-election to that position
Yet another pair of unusual drug busts by state troopers

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