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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - December, 2012

Dec 3, 2012
At close of first part of deer gun season, deer kill number is down
Heartbeat Bill is dead, and Kasich says he won’t get involved to bring it back
Incoming Senate president asked whether chamber will be more conservative under him
Dec 4, 2012
Growing list of cities enacting bans on oil and gas drilling, injection wells
In new question over provisional votes, Democrats say Secretary of State violated Civil Rights Act
Kasich confirms he met with casino magnate, but not for future campaign money
Lawmakers take a chance on bill putting more rules on internet cafes before end of session
Ohio advocates on both sides of political fence worry about Medicaid in fiscal cliff talks
Senate okays complicated asbestos bill, but not without passionate reaction
Senate passes bill requiring coaches remove athletes with suspected or confirmed concussions
Dec 5, 2012
Gov Kasich to players on undefeated Ohio State football team - don’t waste time on video games
Governor invited to speak at influential worldwide conference in Davos, Switzerland
House lawmakers okay crackdown on internet cafes that they say could drive them out of business
Kasich blasts out of state workers with oil and gas drillers, but drillers fight back
Dec 6, 2012
Event in the shadow of the Statehouse pushing for "civil discourse" among lawmakers
ODOT has unpleasant but necessary job this time of year - cleaning up dead deer on roads
Ohio House passes bill to regulate health care "navigators" under Affordable Care Act
Dec 7, 2012
Attorney General says he's putting "unprecendented" number of experts into Cleveland shooting probe
Half a dozen state lawmakers report getting serious threats to them and their families
New Republican justice sworn in to Ohio Supreme Court, replacing its only Democrat
Officials celebrate improvement in blighted neighborhoods with demolitions
Ohio Supreme Court says state can’t continue to collect commercial activities tax on fuel
Start-ups join big players at Ohio expo for oil and natural gas drillers
Dec 10, 2012
Attorney General says state needs to make big changes in foster care system
Governor says long-awaited Ohio Turnpike plan is coming on Thursday
Kasich says "right to work" not a priority for him because he has other things on his agenda
Lawmakers hope to wrap up two-year session with a busy week at the Statehouse
Dec 11, 2012
Effort to allow Ohioans to vote on a "right to work" amendment is going slow, but still going
New independent poll has good and bad news for Gov. Kasich
Republican Senate president, leaving because of term limits, says goodbye to colleagues
State makes good on promise from earlier in the year and becomes first state with high speed network
Virtual ban on internet cafes suddenly stopped, now won't make it through this session
Dec 12, 2012
More squabbling going on at the Statehouse over oil and gas companies hiring Ohio workers
Ohioans weigh in with pollsters on how they want to pick judges in the future
Poll shows Ohioans back tax on oil and gas drillers, but legislators ignore that
Dec 13, 2012
Governor unveils his long-awaited plan for the Ohio Turnpike, and it's not what some expected
Gun rights group wins - and loses - in latest concealed carry vote at the Statehouse
Ohio Senate passes redistricting plan, but it's not likely to survive the lame duck session
Dec 14, 2012
Environmentalists celebrate a “Clean Air Christmas” at Ohio Statehouse
Dec 17, 2012
Activists urge action on gun laws at ceremony to remember victims of Friday's school shooting
Attorney General wants more schools to be prepared for school violence
Debate on guns at Statehouse continues aftermath of Connecticut school shooting
Electoral college makes fall election official and awards Ohio's electoral votes to Obama
Governor makes unusual move in case of inmate who said he's too fat to be executed
Gun control advocate calls for "gun summit" in wake of school shootings
Head of higher education in Ohio announces he's leaving to educate people about his cause
New simulators to help Ohio’s police agencies deal with everyday situations
Dec 18, 2012
Former governor says he hasn’t ruled out another run to return to that office
Report questions state estimate of the so-called “woodwork effect” on Medicaid
Some Ohio businesses get surprise tax refunds from the state
Dec 19, 2012
Attorney General DeWine wants to prepare school officials to defend against shooters
Governor looks back on what he feels he accomplished in 2012 - and previews what's left to do
Looking back at 2012: the bills that did pass in the Statehouse
Dec 20, 2012
Appeals court judge appointed by Gov. Kasich to fill vacancy on Ohio’s top court
Despite lingering concerns, key lawmakers predict Kasich's fracking tax will pass in 2013
Governor signs bill allowing guns in Statehouse garage, as debate over weapons rages on
Kasich reiterates his order: no more bidding wars to bring or keep business in Ohio
Looking back at 2012: the bills that didn't pass in the Statehouse
Dec 21, 2012
2012 brought changes in education, and more and bigger changes could be coming
Looking back at 2012: Abortion-related bills were a big part of this General Assembly
Ohio's unemployment rate continues on its recent trend - and it's good news
State tax worker indicted for theft in office
Dec 24, 2012
Donors give gift of organs for many reasons - for family, friends and sometimes for altruistic ones
Looking back at 2012: Battle over election laws and lawmakers' district maps rages on
Relief in Ohio as cases of fungal meningitis have stopped rising
Dec 26, 2012
Looking back at 2012: Big rulings came out of busy year at the Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Department of Transportation dealing with weather conditions on roads
Dec 27, 2012
Looking back at 2012: House leaders reflect back and look forward to new General Assembly
Republicans considering what their "supermajorities" in the House and Senate will mean
Schools in Ohio won't feel the fall off the fiscal cliff - if it happens - until fall
Wage for some of state's lowest-paid workers rises in January, thanks to Ohio voters
Dec 28, 2012
Chancellor looks back on nearly three decades in state government as he prepares to leave
Looking back at 2012: Ohio's most expensive - and maybe nastiest - US Senate campaign ever
Online funerals bring opportunity to mourn, grieve and celebrate life to more audiences
Dec 31, 2012
Actor takes "Tupperware Parties" to new levels with his unique brand of sales
Looking back at 2012: Ohio was once again in the spotlight in the presidential race
Small airports wary of big user fee coming in federal aviation agency's budget

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