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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - February, 2012

Feb 1, 2012
Backers of anti-union amendment get go-ahead to start circulating petitions for the ballot
Honda announces expansion, fueling hopes for car maker and Ohio's economy
Ohio's former state schools superintendent speaks out on new job in Washington
Parole board issues report on convicted killer who says new evidence will show he's innocent
Feb 2, 2012
Former Ohio State coach who left amid scandal goes back to an Ohio college campus
Lawmakers and elected officials debate dealing with redistricting now rather than later
Not everyone in state government will be going to Gov. Kasich's "off-site" State of the State speech
Think tank suggests big taxes on oil and gas drillers, but that fuels industry anger
Feb 3, 2012
Democratic head of Governor's Office of Appalachia happy big speech will be in his backyard
Democratic lawmaker drafting bill to keep future State of the State speeches in the Statehouse
State gets more than $725 million in class action settlement with AIG
State is pushing new campaign to stop epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse
Feb 6, 2012
Agency likely to be a target of reform changing the way it deals with its "customers" - businesses
Conservative group that writes "model legislation" under fire by progressive critics in Ohio
Former Democratic governor speaks out on John Kasich's State of the State "road trip"
Governor takes annual address out of Columbus, and Democratic party chair says there's a reason
This week isn't just State of the State week - lawmakers have other work to do as well
Feb 7, 2012
Governor talks education, energy and other issues in lengthy State of the State speech
Northeast Ohio couple goes to state's highest court to save their trees
Republican presidential hopeful brings campaign to Ohio less than a month before the primary
Feb 8, 2012
Attorney General calls for tougher laws on oil and natural gas drilling - including fracking
Former US House Speaker swings through Ohio, where he trails in GOP presidential race
Governor's announcement about ten-fold increase in state's broadband network could have huge impact
Leaders of thousands of townships come together to talk about budgets and cutting costs
U.S. Supreme Court will let lower court ruling on death penalty stand for now
Feb 9, 2012
Governor says he's not concerned about mixed reviews of his State of the State speech
Optimistic Vice President brings positive message to reporters at newspaper conference
State has big plans for its share of historic settlement with five big mortgage backers
Tea Party activists bring controversial "right to work" amendment to Ballot Board
Feb 10, 2012
Concern and questions about plan to repeal election reform law on the ballot in November
Even some conservatives lukewarm on so-called "right to work" - for this year
Governor talks to township trustees still smarting over big budget cuts in local government fund
State troopers log two more big drug busts on Ohio roadways
Feb 13, 2012
Company picked to study privatizing the Ohio Turnpike - at a big cost
Democrats fight back against attacks on President Obama with statewide "truth team"
Lawmakers to consider bills on human trafficking, speed limits and death penalty
Feb 14, 2012
"Heartbeat Bill" backers try Valentine's Day tactic to get Senators' attention - red roses
Lawmakers approve bill to move money from slots to gambling addiction programs
Poll shows support for banning smoking when kids are in the car
Poll shows voters like "right to work" issue that Republicans may not be embracing
Feb 15, 2012
After many years, Ohio lawmakers approve new rules on electronic slot machines at horse tracks
AG says new law on DNA testing is helping state solve big cold cases
Commission sets Cleveland casino opening week of May 14, Toledo’s for two weeks later
Governor speaks before bankers' group, suggests they take "occupy"-style action
Hundreds of new jobs coming to Ohio to distribution center for online kids' clothing retailer
Israeli official makes unusual appearance before joint session of Ohio legislature
Once again, poll shows leader has changed in GOP presidential preference
Feb 16, 2012
Democrats urge Secretary of State to not appeal federal court decision on provisional ballots
Former SOS working with Gov. Kasich on “collateral sanctions” against ex-cons
GOP candidate visits showing how important Ohio's presidential primary is
Key committee clears bill that could once again hike speed limits on Ohio's highways
Romney delivers no surprises, covers mostly old ground in speech to Republicans in Cleveland
Feb 17, 2012
Contraception controversy that's spreading across the nation is also hitting hard in Ohio
DeWine’s flip from endorsing Romney to Santorum shows how fluid GOP primary race can be
Gay rights activists say new polls give them momentum to challenge seven-year-old marriage ban
Feb 21, 2012
Audit shows major misspending and oversight problems at Dayton charter schools
People behind "clean energy" ballot issue may not be the ones voters think
Poll by backers of election law repeal says Ohioans agree with them
Feb 22, 2012
PUCO expected to rule on rake hike that shocked many AEP customers, including small businesses
Republicans looking to solid
Secretary of State explains why Hamilton County should appeal order on counting ballots
Supreme Court upholds unreasonable noise law, rules against loud party music
Feb 23, 2012
Democrats blast joke that Speaker told at GOP dinner, but he says it's not his
More jobs coming to big bank in central Ohio
Regulators reject AEP hike, to delight of businesses and homeowners - but fight isn't over
Feb 24, 2012
As Ohioans fill out their tax returns, agency notes opportunities to donate to certain causes
Final report on "Coingate" scandal will come out, but maybe not before November election
Lobbyists from oil and gas industry and environmental group debate energy boom
Feb 27, 2012
Governor mourns for victims of school shooting, urges Ohioans to pray for them
Governor, medical experts tout plans to make state's broadband network ten times faster
Lawmakers propose redistricting reform plan, but activists are suspicious
Northeast Ohio high school shooting leaves one student dead, four others injured
With a little over a week to go, GOP presidential race appears to be unchanged
Feb 28, 2012
New poll shows Santorum still in the lead - but that could change by change by Tuesday
New study shows tens of thousands of jobs could come from fracking industry
Record low natural gas prices lead Columbia Gas to drop budget bill rates
Teenage gunman accused in northeast Ohio school shooting goes to court
Three deaths, a confession of sorts and advice to "hug your kids"
Feb 29, 2012
After years of popularity, early voting seems to be tapering off in this primary election
Celebrating two wins, GOP candidate Romney campaigns through Ohio in advance of Super Tuesday
What Ohio can learn from Michigan in this presidential primary season

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