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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - March, 2012

Mar 1, 2012
Environmental groups make what some might consider surprising move on "green energy" issue
Leading candidate in race for GOP nomination for Senate finally announces that he's running
Mandel may be the newest candidate "officially" in GOP Senate race, but he's not the only one
Mar 2, 2012
"Governator" blasts politicians from both parties for not working together more
After several bills on women's health, Senator proposes bill to protect men taking certain drugs
GOP voters who could change their minds before Tuesday could change the results of the primary
Gov. Kasich joined by former Gov. Schwarzenegger to announce expansion of kids' program
Kasich is still keeping quiet about the contest many Ohioans are talking about
Ohio's jobless rate drops again - now down to a low not seen in three years
Mar 5, 2012
As polls show his lead has evaporated, GOP contender spends last day before vote in Ohio
Final day of campaigning before primary brings new poll leader back to Ohio
Former Secretary of State pushes again for election reform law to go to ballot
Governor's plan to use tax on drillers to fund income tax break fuels strong reactions
Ohio National Guard unit is first to be federal certified as national disaster response team
Ohio's top elections official offers reminders for voters planning to cast ballots on Super Tuesday
Voters who don't show up in polls could be key players in primary outcome in Ohio
With just hours to go, new poll shows new leader in Ohio GOP presidential contest
Mar 6, 2012
GOP seems to have a lot of interest in one eastern Ohio city these days - but why?
Some surprises in Congressional races, but that likely won’t happen this fall
Treasuirer costs to GOP Senate nomination, just a week after announcing he's running
Two bomb threats mar what has otherwise been a smooth primary election day
Mar 7, 2012
Attorney General says he still backs Santorum after close loss on Super Tuesday
Crossover voting from the left did happen in Ohio, but it wasn't enough to help Santorum
GOP officials still struggling to figure out how to divide delegates after primary vote
In Super Tuesday vote, Ohio divides within itself along its own red-blue state lines
Mitt Romney wins a squeaker of a Super Tuesday primary in Ohio
Overwhelming number of library levies pass
RIck Santorum watches Super Tuesday returns in Ohio, where he finished barely second place
Some members of state's largest teachers union score wins on the ballot
Mar 8, 2012
Ohio lawmakers are thinking over a new bill to regulate exotic animals
Vatican reverses decision of Cleveland bishop, bringing hope to many parishoners
Mar 9, 2012
After connection between quakes and well found, some want tougher rules on frackwater disposal
Teach for America employees at work in schools in Cincinnati and Cleveland
Mar 12, 2012
Governor's tax and policy announcement leads list of week's coming events
On this "Sunshine Week", official concludes some governments aren't letting light in quickly enough
Pro-union group will use remaining anti-Issue 2 cash to fight
Mar 13, 2012
GOP candidate for Senate brings in hot name in Republican national politics for campaign
Health insurance advocates say Lt. Gov.'s report isn’t telling full story about health care law
Legislator resigns after being indicted on charges that could lead to prison time
Ohio's rents are relatively affordable but still out of reach for many low-income renters
Mar 14, 2012
Four stabbed in downtown Columbus building, including employee of AG's office
Governor's budget update includes new proposals on K-12 education policy
Governor's proposal includes other money matters beyond tax hike on drillers and income tax cut
Kasich unveils plan to hike one tax while cutting another
Ohio's senior senator calls for crackdown on oil speculators to lower gas prices
Mar 15, 2012
Experts debate if driller tax revenue should be used for income tax cut or go to local governments
Gov. Kasich proposes a slew of education reforms in his massive budget update plan
Lawmakers try another crackdown on metal thefts
Republicans, Democrats and others weigh in on plans to hike driller tax and cut income tax
Mar 16, 2012
Kasich sounds off on GOP lawmakers stripping plan on drillers to fund income tax cut from budget
Mar 19, 2012
Governor's tax on drillers to fund income tax cut was slashed by Ohio House Republicans
Lawmakers from both parties fight to keep a military cargo plane at Mansfield air base
Ohio ranks below the halfway point in all states' rankings on integrity
Report says Ohio schools have better graduation rates, but there are still "dropout factories"
Treasurer says he's pulling investments out of two banks because of suspected fraud
Mar 20, 2012
Cancer survivors demand of lawmakers - require coverage of chemotherapy drugs and supplies
GOP lawmakers' plan to repeal election reforms law on the fall ballot is picking up steam
Lobbyist for oil and gas industry cheers lawmakers' move to strip tax from updated budget
Shelving tax on drillers to fund income tax doesn't stop debate on it before lawmakers
Mar 21, 2012
Attorney General files suit against road salt sellers for trying to take the state for a ride
Lawmakers and business groups want law to bring easier standards to municipal tax codes in Ohio
Lower jobless rate in Ohio leads to reduced jobless benefits for unemployed Ohioans
Troopers seize more than a million dollars worth of dangerous drug during interstate bust
Mar 22, 2012
Cleveland mayor’s schools plan gets bipartisan support, but critics say it’s SB 5 all over again
Lawmakers approve new way to resolve complaints about business, but critics say it's a ripoff
President Obama’s visit to Columbus focuses on energy problems and his solutions
Mar 23, 2012
Attorney General to withdraw plan to bar people who've been wrongly jailed from getting money
Federal health insurance law already at work in Ohio, as AG sees lawsuit go to US Supreme Court
Ohio Highway Patrol finds cocaine in hidden compartment in car
Ohio's jobless rate falls for the seventh straight month
Parole board makes unanimous recommendation on clemency for death row inmate
Mar 26, 2012
Both sides in federal health insurance lawsuit make their arguments as U.S. Supreme Court hears case
Consumer groups warn phone bill could leave some customers without service
Democrats say lawmakers need to pass bills to make state more accountable
Gay marriage backers hope to go to the ballot to overturn marriage-defining law
Ohio attorney general - one of 26 involved in federal health care lawsuit - in DC for arguments
Ohio State coach prepares for first Final Four appearance in five years
Mar 27, 2012
Children’s Hospitals across Ohio to get $2 million dollars for research projects
State plans another tax amnesty program to give deliquent taxpayers a chance to come clean
Mar 28, 2012
First responders to high school shooting in Chardon honored by Governor and state lawmakers
New bill would have criminals paying more fees to fund rape crisis centers
New Quinnipiac poll tracks presidential race in Ohio and two other states
Senate votes overwhelmingly to offer grants to businesses that move into vacant space
State Senators pass repeal of election reform law that will be on the ballot this fall
Supporters of so-called "right to work" issue unveil report, but critics say it's nothing new
Mar 29, 2012
Backers of medical marijuana still hoping to put their issue on the 2012 ballot
Both sides can claim a bit of a win in the latest Quinnipiac Ohio Senate poll
Governor signs order to create another crackdown on human trafficking in Ohio
Ohio's senators speak out on the health insurance battle and expectations for Supreme Court ruling
Mar 30, 2012
After regulators rejected its last plan, American Electric Power files for rate hike again
Chairmen of Ohio’s major political parties are both weathering challenges to their leadership
Emotional governor signs law declaring March 30 a day for Vietnam Veterans in Ohio
Kasich says Ohio State has a great chance in NCAA tournament this weekend
Kasich vows to win severance tax/income tax cut - without “pounding” on legislators
Mega Millions mania sweeping Ohio as record-setting drawing nears
Plan to change the way maps of lawmakers' districts are drawn clears first hurdle toward ballot

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