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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - April, 2012

Apr 2, 2012
For the first time, a former AG fights for his law license before Ohio Supreme Court
Number of welfare recipients in Ohio drops by nearly a fifth in one year
Ten Ohioans came close to Mega Millions jackpot, and will take home some good money for that
Two months later, Red Cross workers are still on strike in northern Ohio
Apr 3, 2012
Marc Dann becomes first ex-AG to fight for his law license before the Ohio Supreme Court
Plans for Holocaust memorial bring complicated controversy at the Statehouse
Apr 4, 2012
Alleged traffickers accused of hiding nearly a ton of pot in an unusual place
Controversial Cleveland schools education plan touted by Gov. Kasich and Mayor Jackson is introduced
Federal judge who blasted Ohio's execution protocol now says lethal injections can resume
First fuel station opens in Ohio for liquid natural gas for trucks
Ohio's rate of infant mortality is near the top ten in the nation - and there's more bad news
Online schools worry that new letter grade rating system could force some to shut down
Apr 5, 2012
Embattled chair of Ohio Republican Party - facing vote on his leadership - announces he's resigning
Fracking is happening throughout Ohio - on private and public lands
Group hoping to legalize same-sex marriage gets ok to gather signatures for ballot issue
Apr 6, 2012
Secretary of State says with nine groups trying for the ballot, it may be time to change the system
Those who work with welfare recipients debate tossing thousands off welfare rolls
Apr 9, 2012
"Freedom To Marry" amendment proposal causing a split among gay-rights groups
Court reporters strike back at proposal backed by prosecutors and defenders to cut their fees
Environmental group sues state over lack of transparency on drilling in state parks
Apr 10, 2012
Key organizer in same-sex marriage issue makes decision which could affect campaign's future
Ohio Democratic Party insiders prepare for big vote - on whether to keep their chairman
Orange barrels are in bloom as ODOT - though financially strapped - kicks off construction season
Apr 11, 2012
Kasich refuses clemency for death row inmate, so next week's execution is on
Ohio again leads the nation in “Tree City USA” communities
Ohio joins antitrust lawsuit filed against major e-book publishers
Redfern easily wins re-election as Ohio Democratic Party chair, but could face trouble ahead
Apr 13, 2012
Cleveland mayor reaches deal with teachers union over his school reform plan
Group that backed "one man, one woman" marriage amendment sues over gay marriage proposal
House Speaker suggests Governor's tax on drillers to fund income tax cut is alive
Lawmaker proposes to add ancient artifact to list of "official state" items
ODNR releases proposed rules on drilling on state lands, after environmental group sues to see them
Ohio Republican Party ushers out Kevin DeWine, votes in familiar new leader
Voting rights activists once again threaten to sue if lawmakers repeal election law on ballot
Apr 16, 2012
AG joins with doctors and pharmacists to urge people to turn in unused drugs
Democrats propose their own "budget update" to counter cuts from Governor's budget last year
GOP candidate for Senate continues to bring in big names, but one has some detractors too
Apr 17, 2012
Auditor proposes crackdown on school fiscal officers and treasurers who steal money
Former GOP presidential candidate has Ohio-based suggestion for Mitt Romney for VP
Governor talks about planned Holocaust memorial at Statehouse at annual event
Lawmakers from both parties battle over workers compensation changes
Opponents of exotic animal bill are split on what they don’t like in it
Apr 18, 2012
After reaching a deal on Great Lakes Compact bill, Governor says he looks forward to signing it
Democrats react to GOP lawmakers’ plans to strip funding for Planned Parenthood
Environmental activists split on new regulations to govern fracking in Ohio
Lawmakers want to double film tax credit, saying it’s paying off all over Ohio
Ohio carries out its first lethal injection for the first time in a half a year
President Obama talks up job training programs in campaign stop at community college
Apr 19, 2012
After weeks of silence, Kasich issues his endorsement in the GOP presidential race
Attorney General sues BP for stock losses by pension funds after oil spill
Likely Republican presidential nominee growing tougher in criticism of Obama
Ohio's junior Senator popping up on VP lists, but he says he's not interested
Struggle over whether to install metal detectors at Statehouse picking up steam
With yesterday's execution over, nearly a dozen inmates are set to die in the next few months
Apr 20, 2012
Many Ohioans are now finding themselves over 50 and looking for work
Ohio's jobless rate continues trend and drops for yet another month
Apr 23, 2012
Bailout of American automakers a big deal in the presidential race in Ohio
Former state lawmaker from Cleveland passes away, leaving legacy of humor and compassion
Multi-billion dollar expansion at steelmaker means hundreds more jobs in northeast Ohio
State troopers pleased to announce big haul of ecstacy in drug bust
Apr 24, 2012
Activists say they fear officials have softened rules on oil and gas drillers in state parks
GOP lawmakers strip out controversial plan to defund Planned Parenthood health centers
Gov. Kasich ok after car crash - but there are a few twists to the story
Repeal is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to bill on election law changes
Still a flood of concern by environmentalists over bill to enact water withdrawal protection deal
Two groups that often criticize government come together to back a state-sponsored plan
Apr 25, 2012
Gov. Kasich weighs in on the twin ironies of his car crash yesterday
Governor’s budget update passes House, without driller tax or Democrats' special fund
Locals involved in boosting filmmaking throughout Ohio head to Statehouse
Rare bipartisan plan released to help ex-felons find work outside of prison
Senate takes first step to ban new ownership of exotic animals in Ohio
Vote to repeal election reform law on fall ballot called off at the last minute in House
Apr 26, 2012
Attorney General says he has some concerns about transparency in Gov. Kasich's key jobs program
Auditor says he's found ways for ODOT to drive down costs by millions
Exotic animals caretakers outraged over passage of bill to regulate ownership
Governor pleased with passage of his budget update, but is concerned about one issue
Governor weighs in on efforts to take election referendum off fall ballot
The election reform deal that’s being discussed behind closed doors at the Statehouse
Apr 29, 2012
Anti-poverty activists issue “food stamp challenge” to raise awareness of what benefit buys
Apr 30, 2012
AG says he opposes gay marriage, but won't stand in the way of activists pushing for it
Attorney General proposes crackdown on companies offering duct-cleaning services
Exotic animals to be returned to widow of Zanesville man who let them loose last year
What's likely to be a very expensive ad war in US Senate race is well underway

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