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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - May, 2012

May 1, 2012
Community action agencies say study shows they’re not just doing handouts - they’re creating jobs
Republicans say Democrats have no reason to be fired up over gun-themed fundraiser
Self-proclaimed anarchists charged with trying to blow up a bridge near Cleveland
State starting sale on certain flavored spirits - including bacon vodka
Supporters of ban on texting behind the wheel see new sign that it might pass
May 2, 2012
"Energy summit" brings another opportunity to talk about Governor's proposed tax on drillers
Going inside the department that investigates liquor violations
Governor says he supports the bill that would ban texting behind the wheel
Tons of prescription pills turned in during Ohio's drug take-back day
May 3, 2012
Advocates for gay marriage say they'll gather signatures where unions get their starts - courthouses
Exotic animals going back to their owner's widow tomorrow
Ohio State University students prepare for President Obama’s visit this weekend
Presidential race too close to call in Ohio - but there's lots of time till November
Senate president sents out letter to critics of Heartbeat Bill, but they’re still angry
Senators of both parties send mixed messages during debate on banning texting while driving
Senators pass film tax credit, but the program has its critics
May 4, 2012
Exotic animals now back at Zanesville farm where tragedy occurred last fall
GOP presidential contender talks plans in Ohio as Obama prepares first official campaign visit here
Senate president promises changes to pension reform soon, but key Republican wants to go slow
May 7, 2012
Candidates for US Senate just started airing ads, but "super PACs" have already spent millions
Conservative group starts campaign to help voters who opposed school levy repeal it
New devastating bug is now threatening to move and tear down trees in throughout Ohio
State announces new rules for emergency rooms and urgent care centers when prescribing painkillers
May 8, 2012
Democrats blast GOP nominee for taking "credit" for auto bailout and jobs from it
Four pension reform bills introduced in Senate, but House still wants to wait
Republican lawmakers approve election law repeal, but Democrats say they'll ready to sue
Senate panel waters down Governor’s plan to hold back non-readers
May 9, 2012
Independent poll shows support for Kasich's tax on drillers that was stripped from budget update
Senate passes changes to gambling laws, but House doesn't agree to them
Senators pass education reform plan including changed "reading guarantee" for third graders
Think tank says Ohio is a leader in a sector that’s coming roaring back - manufacturing
May 10, 2012
Activists weigh impact of Obama's gay marriage endorsement on possible Ohio ballot issue
Agency watching over drillers plans to triple its staff of inspectors
New poll looks at presidential race, and the "Portman factor" in the veepstakes
Ohio's consumer watchdog says agency is surviving in spite of budget being cut in half
Poll shows US Senate race - one of the most watched in the country - is tightening up
May 11, 2012
Attorney General wants to offer money and opportunities for foster kids who "age out" of the system
Some students calling for measure to allow them to carry guns on college campuses
State's largest teachers union votes to work to organize locals in charter schools
May 14, 2012
Attorney General sues company for phoning Ohioans on "do not call" registry
Lawmakers schedule busy week before heading home for summer campaigning
Lawmakers schedule busy week before heading home for summer campaigning
More than two years after voters approved it, state's first casino opens its doors
Ohio maker of solar panels now under scrutiny from state agency
Senators make changes to "third grade guarantee" in hopes of preventing previous problems
May 15, 2012
As drilling business keeps booming, state senators ok new rules on industry
Governor signs repeal of law he signed last year, but opponents of law say battle isn't over
Kasich praises new jobs in northeast Columbus, but says deal was almost lost
Senators bring back idea of drug-testing for certain welfare recipients, but in new form
May 16, 2012
A day after proposing it, Republicans take back plan to drug-test certain welfare recipients
Bill to defund Planned Parenthood isn’t moving as fast as it could
Ohioans who bought "toning shoes" could walk away with refunds after settlement over iffy claims
Senators pass four pension reform bills, but they won’t come up in House for a while
May 17, 2012
Former treasurer for several Ohio charter schools accused of embezzling $470,000
Kasich says he’s glad Senators pulled back pilot program to drug test welfare recipients
Study fuels executives to back Governor's proposed tax on drillers that GOP lawmakers pulled out
With candidates and "super PACs" both airing ads, bitter U.S. Senate race is likely to get nastier
May 18, 2012
Dueling ad war between powerhouses doesn’t hit on very technical utility issue
Ohio's unemployment rate now at its lowest level since October 2008
Parole board makes ruling on inmate convicted of double killing at courthouse
May 21, 2012
Auditor says biodiesel requirement is expensive, but industry says scrapping it could be more
State launches advertising program for interstate rest areas to bring in money
Ten months after a historic baseball game on the Statehouse lawn - a rematch
The coalition that brought Ohio Issue 2 last fall has a new cause for the ballot - redistricting
May 22, 2012
Fast-tracked exotic animal ban passes House with changes and is zipped over to Senate
Historical baseball once again on the Statehouse lawn as the Cannons face the Muffins again
House okays letting state universities give student trustees a vote
Longest-serving woman on the Ohio Supreme Court says she's leaving at the end of this year
Senate Democrats push plan to equalize pay between women and men
May 23, 2012
Major party chairmen take on each other’s messages before bipartisan audience
State's consumer watchdog agency may get rescued from second budget cut
Unanimous Ohio Supreme Court rules against bar and upholds state's indoor smoking ban
May 24, 2012
Bill would prohibit employers from asking employees for social media passwords
Doctors reach deal on so-called “gag order” in bill setting new rules on energy industries
Party chairmen react to two FBI probes of donations and operations at the Ohio GOP
Senators approve bill to help Ohioans with criminal convictions get jobs
Truck drivers getting training to stop impaired and troubled drivers through summer driving season
May 25, 2012
Attorney General suing Cincinnati water park for refund plan he says is all wet
Energy bill sent to governor, but disclosure rules in it are still angering some
Leaders from both parties come to a deal over controversial Cleveland mayor's schools plan
Ohio Supreme Court dismisses complaint by opponents of gay marriage ballot issue
State of Ohio honors those who lost their lives in service to this country this year
May 28, 2012
College student learns about war and history from very personal perspective
Governor will sign Great Lakes Compact bill that sets rules on water usage and withdrawals
Lobbyist for major oil companies says gas prices should stay steady throughout summer driving season
May 29, 2012
At halfway point, tax amnesty program bringing in millions of dollars
Ohio's waiver from No Child Left Behind act is approved - sort of
Transportation agency outlines plans to deal with big budget hole in “State of ODOT” speech
Troopers spent the holiday weekend on roads, and state logged lowest death rate in years
May 30, 2012
As school year comes to an end, Democrats blast public education funding by Republicans
Governor denies clemency for Cleveland-area man convicted of 1992 courthouse killings
Judge nixes challenge to video slots, just days before opening of first "racino"
Police raid eight so-called "spas" for prostitution in Warren
May 31, 2012
Drivers ed laws might be changed through something slipped into budget bill
Higher-mileage standards for cars could mean more financial trouble for ODOT
More early mosquitoes may not necessarily mean more West Nile virus cases

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