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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - June, 2012

Jun 1, 2012
After nearly a century, a tradition comes to an end at the state's largest university campus
Long-discussed bill to ban texting while driving in Ohio signed into law
Ohio chick and duckling hatchery tied to salmonella outbreak
Panel that will decide final construction dates for ODOT's big project votes next week
Jun 4, 2012
Governor signs Great Lakes Compact bill on the second time around
Ohio Republican Senator - who’s topping many VP lists - returns from big trip to Middle East
Secretary of State wants Ohioans to start thinking about November election now
Surrogates for Obama and Challenger Romney debate business and health care policies
Jun 6, 2012
Justices rule that public schools can't keep charter schools from buying old buildings
Kent State ballplayer and son of legendary announcer picked up by his dad's team
ODOT panel pushes forward some delayed projects, but many still won’t be built for a while
Officials say changes in codes for homebuilders will keep prices down, energy efficiency up
Ratings for candidates for Ohio Supreme Court bring in questions and controversy
Tax revenue once again coming into state's coffers ahead of projections
Wardens at Ohio's toughest prison dealing with hunger strikes by inmates
Jun 7, 2012
First-ever female four-star general takes over at Wright-Patt in Fairborn
Program allows hundreds of thousands of Ohioans to get free or reduced-price cell phones
Tax on oil and gas drillers still possible, though it’s splitting fiscal conservatives
Jun 8, 2012
Environmentalists cheer decision related to water used in fracking operations
Less than 10% of needy children in Ohio are enrolled in summer nutrition programs
Owner of exotic animal auction reacts to ban on new ownership and restrictions on existing owners
Study shows twice as many Ohio teen drivers aren’t buckled up compared to national numbers
Jun 11, 2012
Agency using new medium to try to stop abuse of elderly Ohioans
Governor signs bills related to his budget update - but issues a few vetoes too
Governor travels to oil and gas boom territory to sign bill making changes in Ohio's fracking laws
Possible VP contender opens Romney’s Ohio HQ - to mixed reviews from Democrats and GOP faithful
While tax on oil and gas drillers hasn't been proposed, Gov. Kasich vows it will be passed
Jun 12, 2012
Consumer watchdog warns of new scam preying on people considering switching electric service
Fracking activities in eastern Ohio have some rethinking plans for water use - and time spent
House and Senate pass identical versions of Cleveland schools reform plan
Lawmakers okay yet another crackdown on scrap metal thieves in Ohio
Legislators work out a compromise on proposal on when to fail third-graders who can't read
Jun 13, 2012
Cleveland schools reform plan comes back before lawmakers, passes again
Governor a no-show on Romney call, instead makes rare trip to Senate to thank Senators
Legislators finally pass education bill, which includes "third grade reading guarantee"
Multi-mililon dollar high-tech project with thousands of jobs coming to southern Ohio
New report by drug industry shows Ohio is a leader in clinical trials
Jun 14, 2012
Alongside Republican leaders of legislature, Gov. Kasich praises lawmakers for bipartisanship
Heartbeat Bill supporters say there's a deal to move it, but pro-life opponents say there isn't
New state report says schools and governments could save millions by sharing services
Jun 18, 2012
Former state lawmaker admits to taking bribes, sentenced to prison
Ohio launches commemoration of a key piece of the state's history - the War of 1812
Ohioans bring a variety of concerns to their decision to vote in the presidential race
Tax officials still counting money coming in from amnesty program for deliquent taxpayers
Jun 19, 2012
Commerce Director warns Ohioans of unclaimed funds scam
Northern Ohio farmers worry lack of rain will lead to prolonged drought
Ohio Supreme Court issues somewhat split decision in case involving OSU and ESPN
Jun 20, 2012
Attorney General to mediate in disputes over public records laws
It's already shaping up to be a big year for presidential ads in Ohio
Jun 21, 2012
Charter school treasurer accused of embezzling funds is headed to prison
Environmental activists weigh taking new rules on fracking and water to voters
Governor defends appointment of former OSU player to state school board
Governor says he hasn't been coached by GOP candidate on how to "spin" economic numbers
Ohio's junior US Senator will join other VP prospects at Romney gathering in Utah
Ohio's US Senators defend their votes on the federal Clean Air act
Wendy’s new Columbus-area corporate headquarters has a familiar address
Jun 22, 2012
Good news from insurers on car theft rates for Ohio's major cities
Some schoolkids not going hungry this summer thanks to free lunches and take-home food
While most voters think about November, there's an election before that for many
Jun 25, 2012
As wildfires rage in Colorado, Ohio natural resources officials warn of dangers here
Governor signs education portion of budget update, with his tougher reading
In wake of US Supreme Court ruling, Ohio lawmakers debate reviving immigration issue
Ohio's Attorney General goes after scammers who masterminded land schemes
Teachers spending the summer preparing to open state's first public boarding school
Jun 26, 2012
Bill introduced to help children of undocumented immigrants afford college
Bucking Catholic policy in visits around the country, "Nuns on the Bus" tour comes to northeast Ohio
Democratic sponsor celebrates Republican governor's signature on law to help ex-cons get jobs
Study shows Ohio's population is graying at a fairly good clip
Though more money is coming in, budget chief tells agency heads to expect no extra money next year
Jun 27, 2012
Communities wanting help tearing down blighted homes running out of time to get money
Joined by Democrats, Governor signs latest crackdown on human trafficking
New independent poll shows Obama surging over Romney by nine points in Ohio
Ohio gets rolling on cleaning up thousands of used tires discarded around the state
Poll shows Brown leads Mandel, but attack ads are taking a toll on both candidates
Senate Bill 5 battle was a year ago, but it's playing a role in this year's presidential contest
Jun 28, 2012
Key players from Ohio in battle over health care reform weigh in on U.S. Supreme Court decision
Ohio woman who won President Obama’s health-care heart cheers decision
Ohio’s US Senators - on opposite sides of the issue - react to Supreme Court ruling
Parties put the spin on the Supreme Court decision on health insurance reform
Jun 29, 2012
Highway bill adds motorcoach laws sparked by 2007 crash that killed Bluffton students
State lawmaker questions why two Democratic members of Ohio Parole Board were dismissed
Supreme Court ruling on health care ignites activists on both sides of the issue
Voters First amendment backers approaching July 4 deadline to file for 2012 ballot

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