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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - July, 2012

Jul 2, 2012
Chair of Democratic National Committee stumps in Toledo, predicts Dems will be outspent
Environmentalists not convinced with change in laws, still worried about fracking waste
More than a million without power after violent storms on Friday - more storms hit Sunday
Ohio highway deaths drop to new law for last year, but numbers could be on the rise
State's Medicaid department to get $40 million in largest healthcare fraud settlement
With hot and dry weather ahead, Ohioans being told to be careful in getting rid of storm debris
Jul 3, 2012
Attorney General warns of possible scams targeting immigrants after President's order
Cable customers can also get credit during outages, but must call provider to find out
Days after powerful storms, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans still without electricity
Governor gives hint to how Ohio will handle insurance exchanges after Supreme Court ruling
Group that hopes to change the way lawmakers' districts are drawn files signatures for ballot
Kasich meets with AEP workers, praises Pres. Obama for helping out
Ohio is stashing more money into its "rainy day" savings account
Southeast Ohioans among those still recovering after last Friday's violent storms
Jul 4, 2012
New rules on oil and gas industry may also hope development of new energy sources in Ohio
President Obama will bring a two-day bus tour of two key swing states to auto workers
World Choir Games to bring thousands of singers from across the globe to Cincinnati
Jul 5, 2012
Crews working non-stop, but half a million Ohioans still have no power
Governor uses popular attraction to sign bill that could expand tourism funding
President Obama's bus tour through northern Ohio stops by Cleveland suburb
Public utlities regulators get questions about what can be done to prevent future massive outages
Romney supporters shadow Obama's bus to offer rebuttals to his speeches
Jul 6, 2012
Activists say people who want to vote this fall should check to see if they're registered now
Dayton Air Show brings explosive, fast-paced and unique history lesson to audience
State officials urge people relying on generators to make sure they're using them safely
Tens of thousands still without power a week after violent thunderstorms
Three deaths in Licking County related to heat and lack of power
Zoo welcomes adorable - and endangered - new additions
Jul 9, 2012
After a few tough years, alliance pulling together Dayton arts groups launches
More than a week after the storms, thousands are still without electricity
Ohio comes up with new way to crack down on fraudulent unemployment checks
State to start project to allow Ohioans to drop off unused and unneeded prescription drugs
Jul 10, 2012
Experts say they're worried about a new place for drug abuse and diversion - nursing homes
Governor commutes death sentence of killer after prosecutors says he regrets case
Ohio Republicans have concerns about plans to change the way lawmakers’ districts are drawn
Report says Ohio’s five public pension funds are fine, but more changes could be made
Vintage collection found in attic could bring family millions of dollars
Jul 11, 2012
Governor signs order banning drilling in Lake Erie - but it may have a mixed impact
Ohio Supreme Court to decide if 2005 tax can be applied to gasoline sales
State's prescription drug discount program now available to nearly everyone
Train derailment in Columbus causes fear, frustration - along with evacuations and explosions
Jul 12, 2012
Drillers are unhappy with Governor's Lake Erie order that environmentalists cheered
Low-income Ohioans who lost food in violent storms two weeks ago could get extra help
Veteran strategists offer preview of political climate for Ohio this fall
White House hosts summit on the issues facing Asian-Americans in Ohio
Jul 13, 2012
Governor keeps plugging away at finding support for his tax on oil and gas drillers
Officials probing train derailment find a focus in their investigation into what caused accident
Ohio has twice as many questionable sweepstakes as officials thought
Statewide system for first responders had some problems during violent storms two weeks ago
Jul 16, 2012
Chesapeake’s shale play means new business for small Stark County town
Governor holds ceremony signing bill that would ease path to employment for ex-felons
New warning about the possible infiltration of voracious fish into Lake Erie
President Obama makes eighth visit to Ohio, stopping this time in Cincinnati
Senate race has four months to go, and is already breaking big money record
So far this year has been a good one for new business filings
Jul 17, 2012
President Obama and Ohio Democratic Party files lawsuit over shortened early voting window
Republicans say they’re going to challenge petition signatures for redistricting proposal
Study says advanced energy creates thousands of jobs, but traditional energy wants credit too
Wright-Patterson AFB welcomes new commander
Jul 19, 2012
Drought throughout Ohio and the nation likely to hike food prices
Mayor calls for substantial tax increase to fix Cleveland’s schools
Misled car buying customers will get restitution from big pool of money
Ohio Supreme Court rules that woman's murder conviction was unconstitutional
Sen. Portman and reporters continue to do the "vice president dance"
Jul 23, 2012
Board that oversees public colleges and universities recommend they go tobacco-free
Federal government loosens some regulations to help Ohio farms handle drought impact
Ohio schools accused of - and admitting to - "scrubbing" student attendance records
Police group makes surprising endorsement, and it could have big impact on Senate race
Jul 24, 2012
Democrats launch website to show budget cuts to schools, but Republicans have answers to it
Governor backs combo of online and classroom learning in new education package
More than a hundred schools have yet to file emergency action plans with the state
Women voters are the focus of dueling campaign events in Ohio
Jul 25, 2012
159th Ohio State Fair throws open its gates to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors
Federal bills may change tax bills for some Ohioans who like to shop online
Presidential campaigns battle over the messages of "working together" versus "you didn't build that"
Study from screenings of Ohio schoolkids shows big numbers are overweight, but experts are cautious
Troopers report drug seizures in Ohio skyrocketed in the first half of this year
Jul 27, 2012
Browns president confirms team is for sale, and new owner could have unpleasant connection for fans
Medicaid to become its own agency, and it’s likely to be the first of many changes in program
Ohio education department is now one more target of auditor investigation
President Obama plans return trip to Ohio, his ninth trip to the state this year
Jul 30, 2012
Backers of redistricting plan are confident in fall ballot slot, but opponents aren't sure
Left and right come together to once again challenge Gov. Kasich’s JobsOhio
New numbers show that citations against Ohio nursing homes have doubled
Jul 31, 2012
Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner gets nearly three decades in prison in corruption scandal
Governor says he supports probe into "scrubbing" student data on state report cards
Longtime Ohio congressman joins growing group of lawmakers retiring because of political climate
Ohio's drought is bad - but dry conditions aren't as bad here as they are elsewhere
Presidential candidates using technology in a new way - reaching out to voters via apps
Two casinos still aren't open, but all of Ohio's counties are starting to divide casino money

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