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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - August, 2012

Aug 1, 2012
Expert believes new poll shows a key mark has been hit in Ohio in this presidential campaign
New poll shows leader in presidential race in three swing states, including Ohio
President Obama makes ninth visit to Ohio this year as new poll comes out
Romney talks up his tax policy in pair of visits to northern half of Ohio
Supporters of same-sex marriage issue claim economic boost to state if it passes
There's a different kind of fair going on within the Ohio State Fair
Would-be lawmakers lining up for a chance at retiring Congressman's seat
Aug 2, 2012
Cleveland Browns have a new owner and a surprising new price tag - $1 billion
Former governor runs down Romney ad aimed at auto bailout as deceiving
One union likes proposal for state to borrow money for clean energy, but others don't
Political items collectors bring unusual and amazing items to bi-annual conference
State schools superintendent speaks out after scathing report, saying he's sorry
Aug 3, 2012
Lawmaker wants pension reform to include changes in "double dipping" law
Liquor profits at record levels - but that doesn't mean Ohioans are drinking more
Sick pigs sent home from Ohio State Fair with swine flu
State recalling some bottles of tequila because of damage
Aug 4, 2012
State schools superintendent resigns amid ethics controversy
Aug 6, 2012
Gov. Kasich will be among keynote speakers at Republican National Convention later this month
Locked Away: How Ohio's schools use - and misuse - "seclusion rooms"
Republican Party Chair calls on court candidates to avoid Ohio state bar’s rating process
Aug 7, 2012
Fight is on to get Ohio voters to change way lawmakers' district lines are drawn
Health experts say girls and women in southeast Ohio may face cancer risk
Locked Away: Some parents are concerned about "seclusion rooms" for somewhat surprising reasons
Tax revenues for the first month of the fiscal year are ahead of estimates
Aug 8, 2012
Baby boomers say presidential candidates aren't talking about their biggest issue - retirement
Democratic lawmakers bring back idea of state sales tax holiday
Huge percentage of school levies fail in yesterday's special election
Major parties clash try to bring in independent women voters with dueling messages
Aug 9, 2012
ODOT gets a very bad outcome with one revenue plan proposal
Ohio voters can now make changes to their registrations online
Prosecutor's office confirms probe with Rep. Clayton Luckie as target
Report from conservative think tank slams minimum wage proposal
Aug 10, 2012
JobsOhio wants Ohio Supreme Court to rule on constitutionality - going around Democrat-backed suit
State lawmaker under investigation decides not to seek re-election - just in time for Democrats
Volunteer lawyers aid many thousands of homeowners in foreclosure, but more could go without help
Aug 12, 2012
Ohio Republicans are saying they're energized about the choice of Ryan as Romney's VP
Ryan pick might energize Ohio conservatives, but might leave some voters disappointed
Aug 13, 2012
Controversy continues over different hours for early voting in Republican and Democratic counties
Romney brings bus tour to bellweather town in Ohio, but without his new running mate
Some students say they're frustrated by their presidential candidate. but may still vote for him
State's criminal investigation agency launches first-ever statewide forensic dive team
Aug 14, 2012
Auditor's online video asking for school district tipsters raises questions
Ohio Democratic Party sues Gov. Kasich over blank spaces in his public schedule
Presidential candidates firing at each other in ad war on coal in Ohio
Romney swings his bus tour to eastern Ohio for short speech before supporters
Aug 15, 2012
Human cases of one strain of swine flu multiply in Ohio
Miami University students react to speech from alumnus - now a candidate for vice president
New Republican VP hopeful comes back to his alma mater to campaign
Romney's one-time rival in Ohio rallies the faithful as his campaigns turn to getting out the vote
Two major elections-related issues get big attention as clock ticks toward November 6
Aug 16, 2012
Portman may not be VP, but he'll have a starring role at GOP convention
Secretary of State rules standard hours at all boards of elections, but Democrats aren't happy
Vice presidential candidate Ryan lambastes Obama on jobs, Medicare and trade
Aug 17, 2012
Jobless rate is unchanged for June, but many are still having trouble finding work
Progressive group says organization of mostly conservatives has maybe unethical influence in Ohio
Two Democratic board of elections members defy Secretary of State's order on voting hours
Aug 20, 2012
Big increase in number of Ohioans getting home heating help from state
Board of elections members face hearing for scheduling in-person early voting hours on weekends
Manufacturing making a comeback, but driving toward new areas of Ohio
State report card release delayed as investigation spreads to a hundred schools
Aug 21, 2012
Compromise offered to end controversy over early voting hours in Ohio
President Obama brings campaign back to college campus in Ohio, to talk about education
Aug 22, 2012
Democrats try to make case that uniform rules on voting don't mean equal outcome
National outbreak of West Nile virus called the worst ever, but things are different in Ohio
Senator wants new way for some Ohioans to get tax refunds - via prepaid debit cards
Space shuttle training simulator lands in Dayton
Trial begins in northeast Ohio in potential record-setting workers' compensation case
Aug 23, 2012
Cleveland's Innerbelt Bridge back on track with new public-private partnership
Groups behind redistricting amendment sue over “misleading” language that will appear on fall ballot
New Chevy car will drive thousands of jobs to northeast Ohio auto plant
New polls show presidential race isn't the only one that's close in Ohio
Secretary of State reinstates two county elections board members he suspended last week
State wants to build zoo-like facility to house exotic animals seized after passage of new law
Two new polls show close presidential race in Ohio headed into conventions
Aug 24, 2012
Fact checking claims about "fracking": Does fracking contaminate drinking water?
Group backing repeal of package of election law changes files suit because repeal won’t be on ballot
Ohio's welfare caseload continues to drop, following a trend that's been going on for two years
Aug 27, 2012
Bush advisor tells reporters at RNC that political ads may cancel themselves out
Group plans lawsuit in Ohio to purge voter rolls of "improper" registrations
Kasich makes a return trip to the podium at the RNC with speech Tuesday night
Ohio's delegation has a single black member, and he says that makes sense to him
Republicans dealing with a tale of two "gaps" in Ohio - enthusiasm and gender
Aug 28, 2012
Democratic former governor reacts to what he anticipates his successor will say at RNC
For the second time, scientists find evidence of voracious fish in Lake Erie - but no actual fish
Kasich says his speech before the RNC will be off the cuff and on - and maybe off - message
Miners say they paid a price for standing behind candidate at rally two weeks ago
On RNC stage, Kasichs boasts of Ohio's improvement, but critics say he missed some things
Secretary of State makes decision on Board of Elections members who voted for extended hours
Aug 29, 2012
AG says "entertainment districts" could mean problems for existing businesses with liquor permits
Before Ohio delegates, former Secretary of State praises Clinton but not foreign policy
Even amid RNC unity, Governor and Speaker disagree on major tax-change issue
In speech before RNC, Ohio's junior senator expands economic criticism of Obama overseas
Texting ban taking effect Friday hits teen drivers hard, but also affects adults
Aug 30, 2012
Fact checking claims about "fracking": What chemicals are in frackwater?
Group of pastors urge Secretary of State to restore early voting hours on weekends
Ohio’s lower jobless rate means less money and fewer benefits for those who are still jobless
Texting ban that takes effect Friday has big penalties for adult drivers, bigger ones for teens
Veterans debate after U.S. Senate Josh Mandel’s "un-American" comment about Sherrod Brown
Aug 31, 2012
Colleges cautioned that benefits for students who are veterans slow in coming
Federal court rules with Democrats, orders final weekend of early voting restored
First swine flu death in the nation is in Ohio - but there's more to that story
Friends and family gather in private ceremony to remember astronaut Neil Armstrong
Owners sending exotic animals away as state readies to enforce new rules next week

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