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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - September, 2012

Sep 4, 2012
As "traditional" start of campaign season hits, some critics are calling out a lot of "bad ads"
DNC speakers spoof counterparts at RNC before appreciative Ohio audience
Former Ohio governor speaks to delegates in prime time speech at DNC
Three think tanks from all across the spectrum cheer Kasich's plan to review tax code
Top Democrat says Ohio can sell the Obama message to other swing states
Troopers drag in drug arrests in big numbers over the Labor Day weekend
VP candidate Ryan travels to Ohio, comparing Obama to unpopular Democratic president
Sep 5, 2012
Delegates at the DNC suggest topics and talking points for President Obama tomorrow night
Lawmakers are close to a final vote on package of changes to state's five pension funds
Libertarians still bitter about what they see as a plot to pull their candidate off the ballot
Ohio State students talk racism and possible ways to fight it at town hall meeting
Secretary of State won’t comply with court order - at least not right now
Study shows one out of every six people in Ohio are worried about going hungry
Trio accused of plotting Cleveland bridge bombing plead guilty in federal court
Sep 6, 2012
Auditor says state has too many airplanes and too few rules for using them
Delphi workers rally to bring attention to their mission to get back part of their pensions
Ohio's oldest delegate speaks out on witnessing her seventh convention
Reviled and revered former Browns owner dies after a long illness
Top executive at Plain Dealer makes major announcement
Sep 7, 2012
Communities concerned about new numbers from casinos showing revenue falling off
Ohio doctor leading national study on impact of brain injury
Pesticide company hit with big fines for violating federal law
Secretary of State pulls back controversial order on early voting after lawsuit
State Board of Ed to lower "third grade reading guarantee" expectations
Strategists analyze Ohio governors’ speeches at their conventions - and what they really mean
Volunteers prepare for annual commemoration of 9/11 by placing thousands of flags on Statehouse lawn
Workers who lost limbs on the job say new budget limits are illegal
Sep 10, 2012
Investigation into fraudulent attendance data filed by schools might not wrap soon
Panel of lawmakers approve millions for facility to house seized exotic animals
Republican presidential candidate stumps in physical center of battleground state
Summit this week in Cleveland brings together experts to talk about keeping the Great Lakes safe
Sep 11, 2012
Environmental group says wind energy is blowing more jobs into Ohio
Former US Surgeon General offers her prescription for dealing with poverty and joblessness
Governor honors victims of September 11 attacks, thinks about future they might have had
Sep 12, 2012
Condemned killer talks of God, guilt and capital punishment in what could be his final interview
Lawmakers give final approval to cuts in benefits for retired workers
Ohio's US Senators express shock, anger at embassy attacks on 9/11 anniversary
Vice President swings through Ohio and other key states, talking economy and foreign policy
Sep 13, 2012
As Great Lakes meeting gets underway, environmentalists worry about deal that might result
Ballot Board changes language for Issue 2, less than a day after wording was thrown out
Sep 14, 2012
First ads in battle over redistricting issue hit the airwaves in Ohio
Northeast Ohio "combined" district offers starkly different choices in candidates
Sep 17, 2012
Analyzing addiction: biology and the roles of brain chemicals
High-profile prosecutor once talked about as candidate for governor resigns suddenly
Obama makes two stops in swing-state Ohio on the same day
Romney campaign sends Senator and Tea Party favorite to respond to President's message
Sep 18, 2012
Analyzing addiction: researchers find teens are especially vulnerable
Former governor reprises role as Romney attack dog, blasts comments from "secret" video
Groups representing black and low-income voters present petitions for early in-person weekend voting
Inmate wants execution called off because he's so obese it would amount to torture
Potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus at its worst level in Ohio in years
Secretary of State says he'll let voters do the work of purging bloated voting rolls
Sep 19, 2012
Analyzing addiction: exploring the questions around the "almost alcoholic"
Consumer advocates say more cell phones doesn't mean providers should cut off land lines
Health experts come together again to talk about issues facing Appalachian Ohioans
President Obama and teachers have clashed, but many teachers report they're standing with him
Troopers once again put the brakes on a suspected drug courier because of apparent bad driving
Sep 24, 2012
Group pushing redistricting amendment gives top elections officials
Ohioans who've lost homes to foreclosure can now apply for financial relief
Ousted state school superintendent will not face criminal charges
Progressive group files complaint over Romney ad showing miners it says were
Sep 25, 2012
As jobless numbers come out, some have a glimmer of hope on Ohio jobs front
Mandel proposes three reforms, including term limits - and gets blasted by Brown
Officials investigating whether certain kinds of drugs are being overprescribed to foster kids
Republican ticket continues bus tour through Ohio, starting in Dayton
State continues to be confounded by paradox on Asian carp in Lake Erie
Sep 26, 2012
After delay because of scrubbing scandal, state releases preliminary report card info
As presidential contenders return to Ohio, poll shows one with a double-digit lead over the other
Governor signs five bills making changes in state’s five public pension funds
Presidential candidates criss cross state again, this time to sell their economic plans to Ohioans

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