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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - January, 2013

Jan 2, 2013
It may be cold now, but 2012 was one of the warmest on record in some of Ohio
Kasich tries new tactic in 2013 to make the case for tax on drillers to offset tax cut
New round of deer hunting begins again shortly in Ohio
Jan 3, 2013
Faced with big numbers of college students needing help, Ohio sets new remediation standards
Investigators go after bars who serve drinks to people who cause crashes and trouble
Ohio gets rare distinction - not one, but both Senators are on a key Senate committee
Teachers and districts weigh arming educators, while AG launches classes
Jan 4, 2013
Attorney General says he will prosecute wrongdoing in Steubenville rape case
Attorney General says state is processing DNA faster than two years ago
Communities begin programs to protect water supplies from effects of drilling
Incoming Senate President says changes are coming to manage issues in new General Assembly
Tanks will keep rolling out of Lima, thanks to new spending bill
Jan 7, 2013
130th General Assembly is sworn in and starts its work
Freshmen lawmakers speak out on what they hope to do - and how they hope to accomplish it
Jan 8, 2013
Convicted Portage County killer asks Ohio Supreme Court for new DNA test under new state law
Former governor has decided he won't try for a rematch against Gov. Kasich
Now that Strickland is out of the race, speculation steps up for who is in it
Jan 9, 2013
As drilling boom continues, landowner learns hazard of fine print in oil and gas lease the hard way
Elections chief wants local officials to check into substantive claims of fraud or suppression
Governor lauded for move requiring autism coverage, but his plan has its critics
Officials in oil and gas drilling industry say too few Ohioans can pass drug screens
Record number of ballots cast early in 2012, and more provisional ballots were counted too
Jan 10, 2013
Governor drops a few more hints on where and when State of the State speech will be
Governor puts up $5 million to help families with mentally ill kids who are threatening violence
Hybrids will be built at Honda's first US plant - the one in Ohio
Long-awaited crackdown on so-called "puppy mills" signed into law before eager audience
Trade group representing oil and gas drillers advises state officials not to raise taxes on industry
Jan 11, 2013
Flu reaching miserably high levels across the country, including in Ohio
Flu reaching miserably high levels across the country, including in Ohio
Internet and social media helping drive controversial rape case in Ohio town
Kasich pays tribute to victims, survivors and activists on day at conference on human trafficking
Secretary of State and elections officials have wish lists for lawmakers - but not all items match
Jan 14, 2013
Final ok comes for money for thousands of paid internships for college students
Gov. Kasich says his comprehensive school plan will be delivered shortly
Governor does "show and tell" of sorts, re-signing law on A-F report cards for schools
Kids in hundreds of schools could be eligible for vouchers for next school year
Jan 15, 2013
Democratic lawmaker again protests move of State of the State out of the Statehouse
New owner scores a first for Browns fans - a sponsor for the stadium
ODOT unveils new customizable website for Ohio drivers
Ohio Senators - though from different parties - say they agree on gun restrictions
Senator blasts national settlement on mortgages as good, but not a home run
State Board of Education approves policy on use of controversial "seclusion rooms"
Though far in the minority, Democrats in the Senate say they still have an agenda
Jan 16, 2013
Gov. Kasich ceremonially signs law that he says will be more fair for small banks in Ohio
Liquor buyers in Ohio set a new record for amount they spent on spirits
Residents and families report on Ohio's nursing homes - and the grades are in
Jan 17, 2013
Filings for new businesses for 2012 go up by double-digit percentage over the year before
Ohio's newly re-elected senior senator speaks out on assault weapons ban and other gun laws
Teachers get training in how to deal with and stop school shootings
Jan 18, 2013
Governor surprises again with time, date and place for annual State of the State speech
Hundreds of new flu hospitalizations, but the numbers are down a bit from last week
Northeast Ohio Congresswoman lashes out at Republican colleagues during debate on poverty
Ohio's junior senator talks ban on assault weapons and other hot issues in Cleveland visit
Republicans and Democrats might find some agreement on some important issues
Schools say they're learning that casino money isn't adding up to much
Jan 21, 2013
Democrats and Republicans react to inauguration of Barack Obama for a second term
State develops new report cards for colleges that are teaching the teachers
State officials haven’t decided on Medicaid expansion, but are worried about extra costs
Jan 22, 2013
Democrats call for resignation of state school board president over Facebook post
Former state representative pleads guilty to skimming hundreds of thousands from campaign account
Looking at the future of abortion laws in Ohio on national abortion ruling anniversary
Jan 23, 2013
Drillers using a soft sell to oppose expected severance tax hike in upcoming budget
Gov. Kasich headed overseas to influential international conference in Davos
Ohio Supreme Court will decide if JobsOhio is constitutional, to the relief of backers and opponents
Jan 24, 2013
Air Force cuts could ground some of one of the most popular and largest air shows
Former Ohio AG and often-mentioned candidate for governor re-picked for consumer protection bureau
Governor talking business and more at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland
Ohio Attorney General receives petitions urging justice in Steubenville rape case
Jan 25, 2013
After flurry of flu activitiy, hospitalizations because of the disease are leveling off in Ohio
Charges dropped against Ohio man who applauded Connecticut elementary school massacre
Ohioans being asked to stop, drop and hold on - to prepare for earthquakes
Jan 28, 2013
Governor to unveil his school funding plan this week, culminating in town hall Thursday
New jobs being promised with state job creation dollars
Ohio city gets record-shattering unclaimed funds check from the state
Jan 29, 2013
As Ohio fights the flu, some people are also battling a nasty intestinal bug
Democratic Senator - who's talked about as Secretary of State candidate - proposes election changes
Liberal group says more cuts in state funding for education could mean local tax hikes
State says controversial license plate replacement plan might not be in budget
Jan 30, 2013
First bills introduced in new General Assembly include measures on jobs and taxes
House Democrats want Gov. Kasich to give public schools more money in his funding formula
Lawmakers approve move of next month's State of the State to Lima
Supreme Court says there are no appeals on oil and gas drill permits for critics
Jan 31, 2013
Accused Chardon school shooter still awaiting trial, almost a year after the tragedy
Businesses seek hundreds of millions of dollars from state BWC
Governor hints that his budget - to be unveiled next week - will include Medicaid expansion
Kasich says critics of his JobsOhio agency want to "wreck the economy"
Ohio Senator proposes creating commemorative coin for the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Tomorrow, Governor releases school funding formula and education plan he's long hinted about

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