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This week on "The State of Ohio": The major political party candidates aren't the only ones on the ballot. A talk with candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio this week.
Story Archive - February, 2013

Feb 1, 2013
Attorney General and local cops crack down on synthetic drugs
Backers of government-supported social welfare programs hope new budget is kind to them
Both sides debating expansion of vouchers in Governor’s education plan
Final step in JobsOhio creation finished, as liquor profits are transferred
Four Ohio cities now rank in the top fifteen for concentration of poverty
Kasich releases budget on Monday afternoon, followed by town hall meeting that night
Landowners in eastern Ohio uniting for better oil and gas lease deals
Superintendents relieved that there won't be cuts, but wonder about impact of Governor's formula
Feb 4, 2013
Governor proposes a huge tax shift in his second two-year budget
Kasich unveils two-year budget, with tax cuts and tax increases
Kasich's budget expands Medicaid, but Governor says he’s not giving the green light to Obamacare
Feb 5, 2013
Attorney General says cleveland police shooting reveals systemic flaws
Ohio ranks in the middle of the states for how it runs its elections
Proposed cost cutting measures in prison budget worry prison guards
Prosecutor in Amish beard-cutting case requests life in prison for bishop
Feb 6, 2013
Experts only offering partial breakdown on tax savings v. tax increases in budget
Local government still examining budget to see how much money they'll get
Postal Services cuts delivery on Saturdays
Sales tax broadening would hit haircuts, cable TV, movies and more
Schools are starting to learn how they’d fare under Gov. Kasich’s new funding formula
Feb 7, 2013
Casino numbers are down, and anti-gambling activists say they would have bet on that
Political reaction on Gov. Kasich's budget is strong, swift and getting personal
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base struggling with what might happen under sequestration
Feb 8, 2013
Budget gurus analyze Gov. Kasich’s second budget and find agreement and argument
Gun owners gather on Statehouse lawn to protest possibility of more federal gun laws
Ohio Parole Board makes decision on clemency for upcoming death row inmate
Progressive think-tank says higher-wealth Ohioans win, lower-income folks lose in budget
Feb 11, 2013
Dems blast tax shift plan but suggest they'd embrace tax cut if changes are made
More districts have scrubbed data, according to Auditor's latest report on scandal
Ohio's U.S. Senators talk about what they want to hear from the President in tonight's speech
State government study shows a fracking "boomlet" is going on in eastern Ohio
State school board president apologizes for Facebook post, survives vote to oust her
Feb 12, 2013
GOP Senators unveil their "top ten" bills that they're introducing right away
Grade cards to be re-calculated for schools identified in state audit on data scrubbing
Republicans balk at fully endorsing Governor's tax shift plan during first committee hearing
Senate Republicans looking cautiously at budget as hearings continue in the House
Feb 13, 2013
Black lawmakers release their list of priorities for this session of the General Assembly
Federal plan on manufacturing that Pres. Obama is promoting could end up benefitting Ohio
Governor responds to state treasurer’s letter urging lawmakers to reject Medicaid expansion
Kasich defends new taxes on services, saying if he doesn’t tax them, someone else will
Lawmakers start work on another push to shut down internet cafes around Ohio
Feb 14, 2013
Gay marriage activists use Valentine's Day as opportunity to gather signatures for ballot issue
Ohio getting a piece of settlement with automaker over unexpected acceleration
Youngstown-area man facing federal charges for dumping drilling wastewater into storm sewer
Feb 15, 2013
Early-onset flu season continues to fade as spring starts coming closer
Lawmakers to consider bill creating database of mentally ill people for use by police
More than a hundred thousand jobless Ohioans got overpayments in benefits last year
Ohio's shale industry moving into a new phase with new needs for expensive infrastructure
Parents of kids at "failing" schools could get more power in Gov. Kasich's proposed budget
Feb 18, 2013
Labor secretary defends President's proposal to hike minimum wage for lowest-paid workers
Redistricting was hotly debated last year, but promised changes may or may not happen in 2013
State of the State speech on Tuesday will make news, but maybe not for what's in it
Feb 19, 2013
Democrats have priorities they hope Republican Gov. Kasich will mention in State of the State
Governor delivers third State of the State speech to mixed responses from both sides of the aisle
Redistricting hasn't made the "top ten" lists of lawmakers' agendas, but changes still may be coming
Youngstown frackwater drilling incident sparks push for new regulations on drillers
Feb 20, 2013
Democrats say watchdog over Governor's office needs to be picked by lawmakers, not Governor
Two big announcements from Ohio State today - for graduating students and for new ones
Feb 21, 2013
Attorney General issues a rare "crime alert" to warn parents of man who may be trying to grab kids
Ford bringing hundreds of jobs back to Ohio to produce popular new engine
Lawmakers and activists want a crackdown on elder abuse passed into law
Tea Party prepares to battle Governor over plans to expand Medicaid
Feb 22, 2013
Appeals judges strike down Ohio’s child enticement law
Flu cases once again continue to drop in Ohio
Military vet booed at Republican primary debate takes a stand on gay marriage in Ohio
Public school teachers storm the Statehouse to lobby lawmakers over proposed education plans
Rate of inmates returning to Ohio prisons after release at a record low
Tea Party says it will help challenge Republicans but probably not Kasich
Feb 25, 2013
Budget tops the agenda for lawmakers at the Statehouse this week, but there are other items too
Democrats run down Kasich's turnpike plan as full of promises he can't keep
Ohio's junior senator comes to state's largest military base to speak about sequestration
White House issues list of possible sequester impacts on Ohio, but there are questions
Feb 26, 2013
Like their public school counterparts, eschool parents are lobbying lawmakers on funding
Veterans' group speaks out on internet cafes crackdown, but opponents also sound off
Feb 27, 2013
After long delay, official report cards for Ohio's public schools finally released
Concealed carry permits hit new record in Ohio
There's no ballot issue coming on medical marijuana, but opponents are still speaking out
Feb 28, 2013
Governor decides on clemency for killer of adult book store employee in 1995
Health warning issued on dangerous cosmetics coming to Ohio from the Middle East
Lawyers are latest to share their thoughts on Gov. Kasich's budget proposal
New poll has good numbers for Gov. Kasich
State opens up exotic animals facility before locking it down to take them in

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