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It could take more than a year before Ohio doctors could recommend marijuana for patients under Ohio’s medical marijuana program. But what would happen if someone in Ohio has obtained medical marijuana legally in another state and was using it here? Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports on the first bill to make changes in Ohio's medical marijuana program.

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio voters have returned more than a quarter million absentee ballot application requests for this fall's election.

Statehouse News Bureau

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the process Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is using to remove voters from the rolls is illegal.

After months of being away to campaign, the Ohio Senate is coming back to the Statehouse next week to vote on a bill that tackles the state’s poor infant mortality rate. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Secretary of State Jon Husted sent out around 7 million absentee ballot applications at the beginning of this month. He says more Ohioans are taking advantage of that option this year.

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio’s economy, like the nation’s, has been improving in recent years since the economic downturn in 2008. But many of the jobs that are coming back are not like the ones that were lost during the most recent depression.

"The State of Ohio"

Lawmakers are revisiting one of the most controversial bills still floating in the General Assembly – a bill to shore up the fund that pays benefits to unemployed workers. And one of the groups critical of the original proposal from House Republicans has come out with their own plan. 

Karen Kasler

An effort to recruit poll workers is underway throughout the state.

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Gov. John Kasich was talking trade in Washington D.C. earlier today - and he broke from two of his party's nominees with his position.

Katie Monahan, Ohio Supreme Court

Courts are getting hit hard by the state’s opioid epidemic, according to the chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. That was just one point in her annual state of the judiciary speech.

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This year’s US Senate race has brought the Republican incumbent an endorsement some see as unusual – the backing of the Teamsters Union. But the Democrat in the race says there’s a story behind the endorsement.


County auditors from around the state who were looking for illegal credit card machine skimmers over the Labor Day holiday say the effort was a success.

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A significant number of Ohioans may not have not received an absentee ballot application from local boards of elections.

Jo Ingles

Former Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland says he’s been on the campaign trail lately with Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as he tries to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Rob Portman. Strickland says he hasn’t noticed any problems with Clinton’s health.

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Recent polls show former Governor Ted Strickland’s early lead over current U.S. Senator Rob Portman has evaporated. Groups that support Strickland have also pulled planned television ads for him in recent weeks. Strickland says he can still says he can win the race.

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Ohio has a hometown hero who’s been a main fixture in pop culture for decades. Now one lawmaker has a new way of honoring the Man of Steel.

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A new law meant to stop drug overdoses is going into effect Tuesday. It focuses on providing help for overdose victims.

Jo Ingles

Ohio veterans can get a new card from the state to carry as identification.

Dan Konik

The state’s new medical marijuana law goes into effect Thursday. That means Ohio is now able to start putting the process in place to allow Ohioans to get medical marijuana. But that doesn’t mean Ohioans who have illnesses to qualify for the drug can get or use it anytime soon.

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A newly proposed ballot initiative filed with the Attorney General would begin the process of putting an issue on the ballot to ban all abortions in Ohio.

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A group that fights for an end to the death penalty in Ohio has issued a new report showing a task force’s recent recommendations are not being implemented.


Auditors throughout the state are taking part in an effort this holiday weekend to make sure motorists don’t get ripped off at gas pumps.

Jo Ingles

Democrats in the Ohio Legislature say state leaders need to do much more to deal with opioid abuse and deaths.

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The leader of the Ohio House of Representatives has established a process for making his appointments to the new Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has issued a proposed amendment to provide some clarification for lawyers who are trying to advise clients about the state’s new medical marijuana law.

Dan Konik

A coalition has been created to deal with problems facing aging Ohioans.

Karen Kasler

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he thinks the voting system could be rigged. And recently, the FBI raised questions about integrity of the voting systems in Arizona and Illinois.

The State of Ohio (Ohio Public Television)

A recent federal court decision upheld an Ohio law wiped out the so-called Golden Week, the period of time when voters can both register and cast a ballot at the same time. That’s being appealed. And that isn’t the last of legal questions and lawsuits.

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A day that medical marijuana activists have been waiting on for decades dawns on September 8, when the state law creating a medical marijuana program in Ohio takes effect. But with less than two weeks to go, there’s a lot of work to do.

Jo Ingles

The Ohio Democratic Party is appealing a federal court decision that cancels the so-called "Golden Week", when voters can register and cast ballots at the same time.