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Andy Chow

The House is calling for a stopgap for the state’s unemployment compensation fund with the hopes of coming back to pass a larger reform bill next year. 


There’s been a battle to change what employers pay into and what benefits workers get out of  the state’s unemployment compensation fund. Now the bill to deal with that seems to be stalled at the Statehouse. 

Karen Kasler

Backers of the so-called “heartbeat bill”, the legislation that would ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, are putting pressure on state lawmakers to pass it during the lame duck session. And the person behind the movement to pass that bill thinks lawmakers might be working behind the scenes on it.

Statehouse News Bureau

Former Gov. George Voinovich passed away nearly six months ago. A public memorial service honoring his life will be held at the Statehouse Wednesday night. 


A top utilities watchdog, nominated to that spot by Gov. John Kasich, has stepped down after the Senate rejected that appointment. 

Andy Chow

It’s coming down to the wire for lawmakers to reach agreement on a hot-button bill – how to shore up the fund that pays jobless benefits to unemployed workers. Several advocacy groups are still not happy with the proposal to change unemployment compensation funding.

Andy Chow

Local leaders who are hoping state lawmakers will block a plan to increase the minimum wage might not get any help from the Senate. 

Jo Ingles

A decision by the Ohio Department of Health to order a Dayton area abortion clinic to shut down is drawing criticism and praise. Abortion opponents say it’s a step in the right direction but supporters of legal abortion say it is politically motivated over-reach by a state agency. 

Andy Chow

There seems to be friction among the Republican Party’s top leaders as the Senate rejects a major appointment by Gov. John Kasich. 

Dan Konik

The Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers shows women, who make up more than half of the U.S. population, hold only about 20% of the seats in Congress and the U.S. Senate, and only slightly more than that in state legislatures. This report takes a look at a program designed to encourage women to take the first step toward joining them and running for office.

Jo Ingles

In the wake of Monday’s attack, students from the Ohio State University are adding a unique perspective to a bill that would lift the automatic concealed weapons ban on college campuses. 

Andy Chow

Lawmakers could vote next week on a proposal to lift the automatic ban on concealed weapons on college campuses. Many Ohio State University students visited the Statehouse to call on Senators to reject the bill. 

Andy Chow

The Ohio House is moving forward with a bill that once again changes the state’s green energy policy landscape -- as a freeze on state green energy standards is set to expire at the end of the year. 

Ohio Senate

The fight over the future of Ohio’s energy policies for the next three years is coming down to the wire and there are still different battles being fought.

Praphab Louilarpprasert/

A bill that allows people to carry concealed weapons into more areas such as daycares and college campuses is moving through the Legislature as the clock runs out on this year’s session. 

Jo Ingles

As Ohio lawmakers consider passing a bill to downgrade the penalty for illegally carrying a concealed weapon on college campuses, one Ohio lawmaker is hoping for something stronger. He’s proposed legislation to take concealed-carry one step further.

Cassandra McDonald

The day after the election brought a swarm of media coverage of all things Donald Trump. But another story was playing out in northeast Ohio, where the Republican nominee for an Ohio House seat outed herself to actually be a Democrat. Cassandra McDonald discusses what drove her to that decision and what she takes away from this year’s race.

Andy Chow

Ohio is outpacing most of the country in its work to bringing down the number of people who are homeless in the state. But those working with homeless Ohioans say there’s more work to do. 

Holiday Happenings

Nov 23, 2016
Jo Ingles

The holiday season is the time friends and relatives often visit Ohioans. If you are wondering where to take them to see interesting sights and sounds of the season, here are some ideas for you.

Andy Chow

The House and Senate are working on bills that could essentially continue a freeze on the state’s renewable energy requirements, something Gov. John Kasich says he’s against. But there are lawmakers who say soon, the threat of the governor's veto will not be as powerful as it used to be. 

Ohio Department of Transportation Facebook page

The familiar mantra of “don’t drink and drive” is heard all year, and especially during every holiday season. But driving under the influence of drugs is becoming more common.

Beware Of Shopping Scams

Nov 22, 2016
Ohio Attorney General's website

Shoppers throughout the state are looking for bargains. Scammers are looking for distracted shoppers.

Iberdrola Renewables

The state’s top leaders are squaring off on a bill to change Ohio’s green energy policies, and the clock is ticking – a two year freeze on the state’s renewable energy standards for electric utilities expires in a few weeks. 


One of Ohio’s largest energy companies could be closing or selling all of its power plants within the next two years. 

Jo Ingles

Opponents of a bill that would ban local restrictions on pet stores say state lawmakers shouldn’t pass that legislation.

Ohio Senate website

A new session of the General Assembly starts in January, and that will mean some new leaders in the Ohio Senate.

Jo Ingles

Backers of a bill that would allow for expanded use of in-car breathalyzers for those convicted of drunk driving are hoping state senators will take action on the measure soon.

Ohio Legislature website

Ohio lawmakers are coming back into session next week. They are expected to tackle a long list of things during the next few weeks.

Karen Kasler

President elect Donald Trump has tapped an Ohioan to head his domestic transition team.

Thursday November 10, 2016
Andy Chow

Tuesday’s election has polarized many people. The chairs of the Ohio Republican and Democratic parties have differing views on why the polarization may be a good thing.