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Gov. John Kasich has delivered his last six State of the State speeches in cities around Ohio – and not in the Statehouse. He now says he wants to give his final address to a joint session of the General Assembly March 6 in Westerville, 15 miles north of the Capitol.  And some legislators have been concerned about the move of the annual address.

Daniel Konik

Gov. John Kasich has made a rare move regarding his last State of the State speech - he’s already picked the date and location months before it’ll happen.

Gov. John Kasich doubled down on his plan to require teachers who are renewing their licenses to spend days shadowing business leaders, despite the fact that legislative leaders are not embracing that plan. 

Jo ingles

Gov. John Kasich’s speech was getting praise from his Republican colleagues in the legislature.

Daniel Konik

Budget, taxes, education, drugs - Gov.  John Kasich covered a lot of ground in his State of the State speech in Sandusky. And he also made a little news.

Andy Chow

Gov. John Kasich is taking the state government on the road to Sandusky for his annual State of the State speech. The city that sits on the coast of Lake Erie is preparing to tell Kasich and other leaders what they need to know about their town. There are many stories to tell, with one common thread.

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Ohio’s state government is taking its show on the road with Gov. John Kasich preparing to deliver his annual State of the State speech in Sandusky. 

Statehouse News Bureau

It's not quite Powerball, but Gov. John Kasich’s office is offering up seats to his State of the State speech next months through a lottery.

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich has decided where and when he wants to deliver his seventh annual address to the legislature.

Jo Ingles/The State of Ohio- Ohio Public Television

Since he’s running for president, Gov. John Kasich’s State of the State speech yesterday had a feel of special importance. But while he called for accelerated income tax cuts and an end to the current method for congressional redistricting, political pundits who watched the event say don’t expect his performance in Marietta to make a big difference in the presidential race.

Andy Chow

Gov. John Kasich hit at least one big issue that Republican lawmakers were not on board with - congressional redistricting reform. But one of the top advocates for changing it says Kasich has given the issue new momentum.

Gov. John Kasich called for more income tax cuts in his State of the State speech in Marietta last night. And he’s also telling Ohio lawmakers he wants them to pass a congressional redistricting plan. Ohio Public Radio’s Andy Chow and Jo Ingles reports.

Gov. John Kasich will leave his presidential campaign behind for a day to deliver his sixth State of the State speech tonight. And continuing a tradition he began in 2012, he’s once again taken the annual address on the road to a new city. This time he’s in Marietta. And residents of that city - and throughout Ohio - will be listening to what he has to say.

Statehouse News Bureau

Gov. John Kasich gives his annual State of the State speech is likely to be a little different this year. When he speaks Wednesday night in Marietta, he will be doing so as a presidential candidate. That could affect what he says, and there will be plenty of people listening.

Karen Kasler

We now know Gov. John Kasich will be back in Ohio for at least one day in April – regardless of how his presidential campaign is going.