House Plans To Move Unemployment Compensation Bill Out Of Committee Soon

Dec 6, 2017

A controversial bill that intends to shore up the fund the state uses to pay unemployment benefits might be moving forward soon. The bill’s sponsor says he's trying to thread the needle between what labor and business groups want.

The plan would require employers to pay more into the unemployment compensation fund while also requiring some buy-in from workers.

This is all an attempt to bring the fund to solvency ahead of any impending recession.

Republican Rep. Kirk Schuring says he intends to make some tweaks while trying to maintain what he thinks is an evenly shared burden between labor and business.

“I’ve got to watch how we move things around because if we don’t have that fair balance then the bill doesn’t have as much credibility as I would like.”

Labor and business groups have voiced their concerns with the proposal as is.

The House wants to pass the bill out of committee by the end of the year.