People Opposed To Death Penalty Hold Vigil Outside Building That Houses Gov. Kasich's Office

Jul 12, 2017

Ohio is set to execute a death row inmate later this month. If it happens, it will be the first execution in the state in three and a half years. Death penalty opponents are trying to stop it.

Retired United Church of Christ Reverend Lynda Smith is one of about a dozen people who stood outside the building where Gov. John Kasich’s office is located, holding signs and sending a message to him to stop executions in Ohio.

"People of color, poor people, get sent to prison and wind up on death row a lot more than white rich people.”

The state’s next execution is that of Ronald Phillips, who was convicted of raping and killing his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in Akron in 1993. His execution had been put on hold while courts determined if Ohio’s lethal injection method is constitutional. But a federal appeals court ruled last month the state can proceed so barring any action by the U.S. Supreme Court, Phillips will be put to death on July 26th.