Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Dan Konik

House Republicans are taking another shot at denying workers’ compensation for undocumented immigrants. The fight now goes to the Senate.

Columbus, Ohio
Dan Konik

Along with the overall $65 million budget, this week the state legislature also passed a $581 million budget for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Business and labor leaders, as well as Ohio’s cities, are very concerned about how some money is being moved around to balance the budget in the face of a billion dollar projected shortfall. 

Jo Ingles

State lawmakers are considering a new bill to reform the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. It would make key changes to the program, like reducing extended injured worker benefits for retirees. And it would also change the name of the agency.

The Senate is now considering a proposal that would ban undocumented workers from receiving workers’ compensation if they’re injured on the job. The measure passed through the House, but not without a heated debate between two fiery lawmakers.

Many businesses around the state could soon be getting a big rebate back from an Ohio agency.

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio’s Auditor is suggesting a way for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation to save money. The report suggests the agency raise its rent in a key building.

Andy Chow

The man in charge of Ohio’s workers’ compensation agency is leaving public service for the first time in his 26 year career. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow sat down with Steve Buehrer to talk about his tenure and what he’s learned along the way.