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Gov. John Kasich gives his annual State of the State speech is likely to be a little different this year. When he speaks Wednesday night in Marietta, he will be doing so as a presidential candidate. That could affect what he says, and there will be plenty of people listening.

Jo Ingles

A bipartisan bill being considered by Ohio lawmakers would change the way state agencies can operate when it comes to making policies. It’s a bit technical, but lawmakers say it can be important to Ohio business owners.

Jo Ingles

Some Democratic state lawmakers say 31 communities throughout Ohio don’t have enough local government funding to operate because of state budget cuts in recent years.  They blame Governor Kasich’s tax cuts for making those communities unsafe or unstable.

Karen Kasler

A former Ohio Supreme Court Justice, a Franklin County Commissioner and a Gahanna Local School Board member all came together for one purpose – to testify before an Ohio House task force studying medical marijuana.

Jo Ingles

Hundreds of Ohioans throughout the state have testified for and against medical marijuana at a series of hearings sponsored by the Ohio House.

Karen Kasler

Leaders of the Ohio House are now considering what to do about medical marijuana following seven public hearings on the subject in front of its task force.

Statehouse News Bureau

A group that recently announced it would go to the ballot with a package of ethics reforms for lawmakers – including a pay cut – is now going to court.

There are two efforts underway to make feminine hygiene products tax-free in Ohio.

Ohio Secretary of State's website

Ohio lawmakers might see a pay cut in their future if a group pushing a proposed constitutional amendment gets its way.

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio’s Attorney General has certified a petition for a national group that wants to put a medical marijuana plan on the statewide ballot this fall. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles has details.

The State of Ohio (Ohio Public Television)

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled all but one opponents of recently expanded gambling do not have standing to challenge the constitutionality of casino and racino betting in court. (Ohio Tourism website)

There’s a new multi-million dollar marketing campaign meant to increase tourism in the Buckeye State.

Iberdrola Renewables

Clean energy is thriving in Ohio, according to a new jobs report. But advocates say the green energy industry can do even more, with help from lawmakers. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Governor and GOP presidential contender John Kasich is calling on President Obama to leave Cuba in light of the terrorism this morning in Brussels, Belgium.


A former leader of the Columbus Dispatch newspaper has been appointed to a top post in Republican State Auditor Dave Yost’s office. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

Andy Chow

Ohioans who voted for Gov. John Kasich in the presidential primary because they thought it would hurt business mogul Donald Trump’s chances of winning the GOP nomination might not be happy with this story. Political analysts are saying a vote for Kasich could actually end up helping Trump win the nomination outright.

Statehouse News Bureau

The leader of one of the state’s most influential lobby groups has been named to a post in Ohio’s Secretary of State’s office.


A former head of the Ohio prisons department who became an advocate against the death penalty passed away suddenly. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Backers of a ballot proposal planned for this fall that would allow Ohioans to vote on legalizing medical marijuana have reworked an important part of the process.

Jo Ingles

Ohio’s Auditor has been looking into citizen complaints about government agencies that have not complied with requests for public information. He's now calling out some agencies for that. 

Jo Ingles

Ohioans will go to the polls to vote in the presidential primaries next week. But some students at an Ohio university have already voted in a mock convention – and were introduced to the Republican presidential candidates in an unusual way.


As President Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate face a Supreme Court nomination fight, one Ohioan says the need to fill the empty seat hits him on a personal level. 

Andy Chow

State officials are teaming up with business leaders to bring more fresh food to low-income and underserved areas. 

Jo Ingles

Lawyers for the major lobbying arm of the pharmaceutical industry who oppose a drug price cap proposal that could be on this November’s ballot want the Ohio Supreme Court to take a look at petitions that have been filed to put the issue before voters.

Mark Urycki, WCPN, Cleveland

A conservative think tank is sounding off on some requests made to state lawmakers for the capital budget as “ridiculous” attempts to get taxpayer dollars.

State of Ohio, Ohio Public Television

While many are wondering about the future of the Republican Party if Donald Trump wins the nomination, one of Ohio’s Tea Party leaders is warning GOP leaders against back room brokering at the Republican National Convention this summer.

U.S. Senate

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) was repeatedly asked by reporters if he would support Donald Trump as his party’s nominee for president, or if he would join other Ohio Republicans and refuse to campaign for Trump. And he gave what some might call a qualified answer.

Joshua Lim and Jo Ingles

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie introduced Republican frontrunner Donald Trump at a rally in Columbus Tuesday. Here's what Christie told the crowd that gathered at an airport hangar near Port Columbus.

Joshua Lim and Jo Ingles

South Carolina Pastor Mark Burns gave a prayer and made some comments before the Donald Trump rally in Columbus on Super Tuesday. The rally was held at a hangar near Port Columbus.

Though state lawmakers are studying the possibility of a law on medical marijuana, a national group supporting legalized medicinal pot say they’re on their way to putting a constitutional amendment  before Ohio voters this fall.